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Remove DropDrans

DropDrans Removal Instructions

DropDrans (or TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dropdrans.A) is categorized as a Trojan downloader. It is used by cyber criminals when they wish to have a direct access to your computer and in the past, it may have installed some really malicious applications into your PC.

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Remove Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D


Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D Removal Tips

Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D is a Trojan horse that belongs to Win64/Sirefef family. It was first detected in 2012. The infection consists of .exe and .dll files with random names. These files can be seen in Windows Task Manager. The Trojan targets computers that run on 32-bit CPUs.

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Remove Trojan.Ransomlock.R

Trojan.Ransomlock.R Removal Instructions

Trojan.Ransomlock.R is a Trojan infection that enters your system unnoticed and locks your desktop. It is often referred to as ransomware, because once it restricts access to your PC, it demands that you pay a fine and claims that it is the only way to unlock your computer. That, of course, is not true.

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Backdoor.Bot Virus Removal


Backdoor.Bot Virus Removal Instructions

Backdoor.Bot virus is categorized as a backdoor Trojan that infiltrates your system unnoticed. It was developed to steal your personal information like banking account numbers, passwords, and other personal data. If this information gets stolen, most often it results in a significant monetary loss or identity theft.

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Remove PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP

PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Removal Instructions

PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP is a Trojan infection created by Zeus kits. The main goal of this rogue is to steal your financial information and personal data. It is a very dangerous malware which can cause irrecoverable damage to your system, if it is not removed quickly enough. Read the following article to find out what this malicious software does to your PC and what is the best way to delete PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP from your computer.

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Remove Trojan.Badur

How to delete Trojan.Badur (Trojan.Badur Removal Tips)

Trojan.Badur is a well know Trojan that is also sometimes called Trojan.Win32.Badur.hbyw or Trojan:Win32/Badur. In the past it used to be distributed through Skype, however nowadays it has found a new way to infiltrate the computers of naive users and to steal their information. Read the following article to find out how to protect yourself again this rogue and how to delete Trojan.Badur, if it already entered your computer.

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Remove TR/FakeAV

TR/FakeAV Removal Guide

TR/FakeAV is a detection used to identify a rogue anti-spyware application. Rogue anti-spyware programs are promoted as useful tools that are supposed to clean your computer and keep it protected from various online threats. Unfortunately, they do not follow through on their promises and instead try to trick you into thinking that your PC is severely damaged and that you need to fix it as soon as possible.

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Trojan.Proxy.Koobface Removal

What is Trojan.Proxy.Koobface?

Trojan.Proxy.Koobface is a malicious infection that can slither into your computer and cause serious damage to your system. It is known under a variety of different aliases like Win32/Koobface, Suspicious.Insight, Troj/Agent-MNW, Mal/Behav-150, Worm.Koobface and more.  The worm is able to replicate itself through computer networks and attack the ones that do not have reliable protection. Once it infiltrates your PC, it may start collecting your personal and financial data, present you with fake alerts and notifications, send random messages through your social networking accounts, and so on. As soon as you realize that your PC is infected, you should do everything you can to terminate Trojan.Proxy.Koobface. Continue reading

Remove Trojan.Adclicker


Trojan.Adclicker Removal Tips

Trojan.Adclicker is a Trojan horse that is aimed at generating web traffic of certain pages. The infection targets Windows systems and can enter your computer without any notice. It is rather good at staying hidden as the program can copy itself and spread without infecting other files. Various ads, pop-ups, banners and so on will not be the only problem caused by the malicious threat.

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Remove Trojan.Sarconsogulpe


Trojan.Sarconsogulpe Removal Tips

Trojan.Sarconsogulpe is a malicious computer infection that infiltrates the system pretending to be something else. The fact that Trojan is inside your system, shows that your computer’s security is seriously compromised and the Trojan is probably not the only rogue software that resides inside. Of course, you need to delete Trojan.Sarconsogulpe as soon as possible, however we urge you not to do it by yourself. Such malware is notoriously difficult to remove.

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Remove Trojan.Poweliks!gm

Tips on Trojan.Poweliks!gm Removal

Trojan.Poweliks!gm is a name used for detection of malicious software related to Trojan.Powerliks. It can infect all Windows systems and gain control over it. The Trojan can change your network settings, disable your security software, modify Hosts and other important files, etc. Another thing you should be concerned about is the fact that the malware can also collect your personal details and send them to a remote server. If this information is used against you, you will suffer some serious financial consequences. The above mentioned modifications made by the Trojan will cause various malfunctions. The faster you get rid of Trojan.Poweliks!gm, the better.

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