Trojan Generic Removal

What is Trojan Generic?

If your computer has been infected with the trojan.generic parasite, immediate steps need to be take to eliminate it. Why is this the case? Let us begin by discussing what trojan generic is. The actual program can be very damaging to your system, inviting other viruses to download and hurting the overall security of your system. If you have received a warning that trojan.generic is on your computer, the first thing that you need to do is see if that is true.

How Trojan Generic Work?

The reason is because there are fake antivirus programs that will pop up on your screen and say that trojan generic is on your computer. This does not mean that it is. It could be a company trying to get you to click on their fake antivirus system which in itself is a trojan or malware. So do not automatically click on a box that pops up saying that you have trojan generic on your computer. If you did not install the antivirus software (such as win 7 defender 2013) that is giving you the warning, you may have a different problem. But what if you do actually have trojan generic on your computer?

There are many walkthroughs online that can help you to get rid of this tricky program. The virus can add hundreds of files and dozens of processes to your computer. It also makes many registry changes. Most sites will suggest that you fight trojan generic with a cocktail of anti malware. Each anti malware program will have different things that it specifically looks for, and running several is the only way to be sure that you have found and eliminated all of the changes that trojan.generic has made to your system.

How I got Trojan Generic?

Likely you want to know how you downloaded trojan generic in the first place, or how you can avoid it all together. Sometimes this can occur when a fake video is placed on a page. You try to play the video but download trojan generic instead. Other disreputable sites may just have scripts running that contain trojan.generic. You may get a message saying that you need a different codec to load a page or perhaps that a program on your computer needs to be updated. What is actually happening is that the trojan generic is downloading. These are some of the sneaky ways that trojan.generic has been distributed for about 5 years now. The best way to avoid trojan generic is to stay away from seedier parts of the Internet that may run these kinds of scams.

How to remove Trojan Generic?

Is it possible to remove trojan.generic from your computer manually? Yes, but it is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing. Even if you are particularly good at following online walkthroughs, one false move in the removal process can do damage to the system. Trojan generic integrates itself into important folders. Deleting the wrong program may cause serious damage. That’s why a series of anti virus (Kaspersky) or anti malware (Spyhunter) programs are recommended.

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