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Guidelines on Worm.Palevo Removal

Worm.Palevo is a malicious infection that was created in order to collect your information and cause other computer problems. The worm usually spreads through spam e-mails. If Worm.Palevo is in your computer system you should be especially careful with your personal data. The Worm may also modify your computer settings and allow other malware to be installed on your system. The first thing you should do when you find out about this threat being on your PC is to get rid of Worm.Palevo as soon as you possibly can.

How does Worm.Palevo work?

First of all, like any other malicious program Worm.Palevo is quite good at staying hidden from the computer user. Therefore one of the first things the malware does is it copies itself to various folders on your PC and uses random names. Moreover, it will change your security settings so it can stay undetected by antivirus programs. Afterwards you will start noticing other symptoms like general decrease of computer speed, appearing and disappearing files and so on. It is also quite important to know that the main purpose of Worm.Palevo is to steal your personal information therefore you should be especially careful with that.

If you want to avoid getting infected by malicious programs you should be extremely careful while browsing the Web, especially without a reliable anti-malware tool. Worm.Palevo could have infected your system through a spam e-mail with a corrupted link or attachment. You could also have been infected when downloading what was presented as legitimate software from an unfamiliar or unreliable source. You should keep in mind that software updates and other useful programs should always be downloaded from official websites. This way you will be able to avoid malicious applications like Worm.Palevo.

How to remove Worm.Palevo?

As it has already been mentioned, the moment you realize your PC has been infected you should not hesitate to delete Worm.Palevo from your system. The program is extremely malicious and it can not only damage your computer, but also steal your personal details which may lead to financial consequences. Unfortunately, the manual removal can not be applied in this case. If you want to eliminate the worm and stay protected you should download and install a reliable malware removal tool (e.g. Spyhunter) which will be able to uninstall Worm.Palevo and all of its components automatically. The program will also protect you PC from other similar infections so you can browse the Web without any worries.

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