Remove Winpc Defender

Tips on Winpc Defender Removal

Winpc Defender is a rogue anti-spyware program that pretends to be a real security tool in order to scare computer users into purchasing the worthless application. It is practically identical to another program of this type called XP Police Antivirus. Both of these applications enter PC with the help of Trojans.

Once they do, they launch a fake scan at the end of which you will be presented with fake data claiming that your computer is severely damaged and that the only way to fix the errors is by purchasing the full version of the software. Needless to say, the full version does not work. This is just a scam created by cyber criminals to make easy money. Do not be fooled by it and delete Winpc Defender as soon as you possibly can.


How does Winpc Defender work?

Winpc Defender slithers into your system after it is infected by a Trojan. If you have recently downloaded a video codec, a software update or some other application from an unreliable source, it is possible that that is how you acquired the Trojan. Once you did, it started displaying various fake alerts and notifications that claim your system is full of viruses. Some messages also advertise Winpc Defender, for example:

“Trojan detected!

A piece of malicious code was found in your system which can replicate itself if no action is taken. Click here to have your system cleaned by Winpc Defender.”

If you click on this notification the rogue anti-spyware gets automatically installed onto your PC. Then comes the fake scanner. However, the pop-ups and alerts do not stop there. The program even starts blocking websites that you try to access and displaying a fake alert that there is a threat or a virus on the webpage. After this warning appears, even if you try to close it, you will still be redirected to the purchase website of the fake application. It is clear that you should terminate Winpc Defender from your PC if you want to return to normal browsing.

How to remove Winpc Defender from my PC?

Unfortunately, unless you have advanced computer knowledge there is to way to uninstall Winpc Defender manually. As your computer is infected with a Trojan and the rogue anti-spyware the only solution here would be to implement a legitimate anti-malware utility. The reliable malware removal tool will scan your PC, detect all malicious files and eliminate Winpc Defender completely. Investing in the anti-malware application is also a good idea as it will keep your system safe in the future by shielding it from similar malware and spyware programs.



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