Remove Windows Internet Guard

What is Windows Internet Guard?

If you have suddenly noticed that a suspicious-looking program Windows Internet Guard has started to perform a full computer’s system scan and informed you about various possible infections that have affected your computer, you can be pretty sure that your computer is already infected by rogue anti-malware application. You should know that Windows Internet Guard is closely related with ‘Rogue.VirusDoctor family’ which is said to be a group of very dangerous computer’s infections. However, you shouldn’t let yourself to be fooled by cyber criminals that have created this fake application.

You have to know that Windows Internet Guard can’t detect any real infections or viruses but only provide misleading alerts about non-existing viruses. So, once you notice that this rogue has entered your computer’s system, don’t hesitate and remove Windows Internet Guard from your computer right now.

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How can Windows Internet Guard infiltrate into your computer?

There are a lot of ways in which Windows Internet Guard can reach your computer. First of all, this rogue application can be downloaded into your computer when you click on any random pop-up advertisement that may appear on both legal and illegal websites. Moreover, Windows Internet Guard can also be installed into your computer when you open the infected spam letter or download any free program. So, if you want to protect your computer from this or any other similar infection, you have to stay away from illegal websites, don’t open any spam letter and most importantly avoid clicking on any advertisements. Furthermore, when you download any free application, we suggest you to consistently perform all the stages of installation process (it is recommended to select Advanced or Custom installation procedure). If you read all the information very carefully, you will be able to spot any suspicious additional applications and deselect them. However, if you just irrationally try to reach the final stage of the whole installation procedure, don’t be surprised about some additional and unwanted applications that will be installed into your computer as well.

How does Windows Internet Guard perform?

You should know that cyber criminals have intentionally created Windows Internet Guard to get some additional money from random and credible users. The main idea of this rogue anti-spyware application is to infiltrate a random computer and then threaten the user that his/hers computer is heavily infected by serious infections and if he/she wants to get rid of them it is necessary to download a particular program that of course is not very cheap.

Windows Internet Guard

First of all, you may just simply disregard any messages, but when you are constantly informed about various infections, you may start to believe that your computer might be infected for real. Besides that, you will notice that Windows Internet Guard has blocked some programs that are installed into your computer. The longer this rouge anti-malware program is in your computer, the less actions you can perform. If you hesitate to eliminate this dangerous application now, later you may be able only to turn on and shut down the computer or obey to the false suggestion to activate the offered program. However, if you agree to download any additional program that is said to set you free from all these infections, be ready not only to infect your computer even more but lose all the money that are in your bank account. When you agree to download Windows Internet Guard application or full version of this program, you reveal your credit card numbers and user names which will lead you to the total loss of all your savings. So, better avoid this unpleasant situation and operate Windows Internet Guard removal.

How to uninstall Windows Internet Guard?

Due to the fact that Windows Internet Guard is very dangerous application, we are not recommending you to perform any manual removal steps. It is better not to risk of damaging your computer even more and trust on automatic removal tool such as SpyHunter.

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