Remove Windows Antivirus Adviser

Tips on Windows Antivirus Adviser Removal

Windows Antivirus Adviser is a fake antivirus program created to extort your money. This rogue malware belongs to the family of FakeVimes. It is also very similar to other fake scanners, like Windows Internet Guard, Windows Internet Watchdog, and Windows Web Watchdog. Be aware that all these fake scanners are really dangerous for your computer.

Their only goal is to earn money and to collect your personal information. So be cautious and delete Windows Antivirus Adviser as soon as you are aware of its existence in your PC.

Windows Antivirus Adviser-

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How does Windows Antivirus Adviser work?

Windows Antivirus Adviser usually enters computers using fake online alerts. After it infiltrates your PC this malware does everything to convince you that your system is full of viruses. It is advisable to stay away from possibly false updates of Java, Flash Player and other such programs, because such “update” can lead you to Windows Antivirus Adviser infiltration. The rogue antispyware also presents a message claiming that Microsoft Security Essentials, which is the only real Microsoft antispyware, is unable to deal with your problems. After that it suggests you to buy Windows Antivirus Adviser for $99.9. According to this rogue, this is the only way to remove the threats. We, of course, recommend disregarding any such warnings from this source. Do not buy this product, because your money goes straight to the criminals that designed this malware. Be aware that the download of Windows Antivirus Adviser is initiated with only one click of a “Scan Online” button.

If your computer is infected, you must remove Windows Antivirus Adviser immediately. Once inside your PC, Windows Antivirus Adviser becomes a major threat to your computer’s security. This highly clandestine malware can cause a lot of trouble. You will soon notice Your PC malfunctions in addition to pop-ups, scan reports and constant security warnings. Windows Antivirus Adviser also blocks your Internet browser and the running of executable files, does not allow you to install new programs or to use Windows Task Manager or Windows Registry. Through this bogus software other malwares can reach and enter your computer. This kind of infection can be highly dangerous to your computer’s health and to your personal information. We strongly advise you to erase Windows Antivirus Adviser as soon as possible.

How to remove Windows Antivirus Adviser?

Even though Windows Antivirus Adviser removal can be a little tricky, below this article we present you with detailed instructions of how to do that. First of all, you must know that before attempting to get rid of Windows Antivirus Adviser, you have to unblock your Internet browser and your entire system. That can be done by registering Windows Antivirus Adviser with this code 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0021. This action does not delete Windows Antivirus Adviser, however it allows you to use Internet again and to unblock executable files. As soon as you do that, you must download a trustworthy security tool, which will uninstall Windows Antivirus Adviser.

Terminate Windows Antivirus Adviser

  • Click the question mark icon on rogue’s interface (top right side).
  • Enter the given activation key.
  • Register Windows Antivirus Adviser.
  • Install a reputable antispyware ans scan your PC.
  • Remove Windows Antivirus Adviser.

Download Removal Toolto remove Windows Antivirus Adviser


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