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How to remove Windows AntiBreach Tool virus (AntiBreach Removal Guide)

If you ever browse the web and notice a notification claiming that your computer is infected, ignore it or you might end up with Windows AntiBreach Tool application on your system. It is not as useful tool as it might look at first because its main aim is to extort money from you and definitely not help you remove all the existing threats. Windows AntiBreach Tool belongs to the WinWebSec family of rogue anti-spyware infections. As you have probably already understood, it is a fake tool which acts as a legal one. Thus, you should remove it from your system and do not pay any attention to the misleading messages that it is going to display.

Windows AntiBreach Too

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How Windows AntiBreach Tool Virus Work?

Windows AntiBreach Tool is eager to earn as much money as possible, which is why it is designed to look like a normal tool. It has all the sections typical for a decent tool, for instance, Scan PC, Quarantine, Configuration, and others. Besides, it seems that it truly does it job because it performs a full system scan after it gets onto your computer. It also displays a list of various infections that have supposedly entered your system. You should calm down because these infections do not exist onto your computer. As you can probably see now, it is very difficult to recognize it as a fake application, which means that many people are lured into paying a required sum of money.

What is more, this rogue application shows various fake warnings and pop-ups in order to achieve its main aim which is to scare you into believing that you have a variety of threats. You should ignore all the notifications that it will display once installed on the system because its main aim is to make you purchase a full version of the program which will supposedly remove all the existing infections. Please find some examples of fake warnings below.

Warning! Suspicious activity detected.

We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.

Warning! Infected file detected.

Location: File system

File name: firefox.exe

Level of threat: |||||

Behavior description: Destroys and infects system files.

In addition, we do not recommend upgrading this program because the license for 6 months costs $99.99 which you are going to lose if you make a payment.  Besides, you will reveal all your credit card details to cyber criminals; thus, there is a possibility that you will lose the rest of your money as well. You should also know that there is no guarantee that you will be able to use your computer without any limitations.

If you want to remove Windows AntiBreach Tool and use your computer freely again, you should activate it using this code AA39754E-216A8FF3 which will help you to stop all these fake alerts and remove the rogue application more easily. The manual removal is very difficult for an ordinary computer user; thus we urgently recommend that you use a reliable antimalware tool (e.g. SpyHunter) for this matter. Follow the instructions below to download this antimalware suite.

How to remove Windows AntiBreach Tool

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