What is is a doubtful search engine that can not only provide you misleading search results but also redirect to other potentially dangerous websites. In most often cases this browser hijacker can come into your computer illegally and then begin to alter some settings of your browsers. Be aware that can easily act one Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, if your computer is already infected with this browser hijacker there is no way to escape from it. Besides that, you should suspect how this potentially unwanted application works if you have already encountered with some similar browser hijackers like or

Besides the altered home page and search engine you will notice some other unexpected changes that can pose a high risk for loosing not only safe work with your computer but your personal information as well. So, better don’t risk and remove right now.

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How can infiltrate your computer?

In most often cases this unreliable search provider can come into your computer illegally bundled with some potentially unwanted files or applications. Because of that reason you have to download into your computer only reliable and safe files that are provided in the official websites. Besides that you have to pay more attention not only while you are making the choice of which programs you want to download but also to the main installation procedure. First of all, you have to select either Advanced or Custom installation option. Secondly, you shouldn’t just irrationally skip through all the information displayed in the installation wizard. Keep in mind that cyber criminals together with any freeware or shareware file can bundle any potentially unwanted application that has to be deselected. However, if you just click on the ‘Next’ button without thinking about any possible consequences then you shouldn’t be surprised that your computer is infected by or any other possibly undesirable application.

How does act?, as all the other similar unwanted search engines, can provide you fake search results that might be interrelated with various advertisements. Besides that, this unreliable search provider can easily and very unexpectedly redirect you to other websites that can be really dangerous. In other words it means that you can infect your computer even more when you are not expecting it at all. Due to the fact that can be distributed along with various browser hijackers it means that besides the misleading search results that you get you can be monitored as well. Be aware that has a full power to supervise all your searching and browsing activities. After that, all this information may be transferred to the members of the third party.


Even if you think that the information connected with your most favorite search websites or browsing sessions is not so important than you should think twice about the safety of your personal details. After all, if cyber criminals can create a way to monitor your searching and browsing activities why do you think that they couldn’t generate a way to find out your user names, passwords or credit card numbers? We suggest you not to think about the answer to this question and instead of that start removal.

How to delete

If you are already determined to uninstall you have to follow our directions provided below. Keep in mind that only manual elimination instructions are not always sufficient if you you want to completely get rid of any potentially unwanted and intrusive application. Because of that reason we are highly recommending you to download and install the latest version of reliable anti-virus program such as Spyhunter and then let this new application to run a full system’s scan in order to totally eliminate all potentially dangerous programs that might still be running inside your computer’s system.

However, first of all you should try to get rid of manually:

1. Click once on the ‘Start’ menu icon and wait until the menu will be displayed.
2. Choose ‘Settings’ option and move to ‘Control Panel’.
3. After that, click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ section and then search for the unwanted applications.
4. Eliminate them and click on ‘Yes’ option.
5. Finally, click ‘OK’ button.

Now you should terminate from your browsers (it is recommended to eliminate this unwanted search provider from all the browsers that are installed into your computer):

Delete from Internet Explorer

1. Open the browser and choose ‘Tools’ option.
2. After that, navigate to ‘Manage Add-ons’ section and click on ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
3. Now when you are displayed with a list of extensions you have to look for the unwanted applications and choose ‘Uninstall’ option.
4. Open the browser once again and navigate to the ‘Tools’ section.
5. After that, choose ‘Internet Options’ and select ‘General’ tab.
6. Here you have to change your start page (for example, into Google).

Delete from Google Chrome

1. Open the browser and choose Chrome menu button.
2. After that, click on ‘Tools’ section and move to ‘Extensions’.
3. Once displayed with a list, look for any suspicious extensions and eliminate then by choosing Recycle bin option.
4. Now click once on the wench icon (which is on the top-right corner) and move to ‘Settings’ section.
5. Here you have to click on ‘Manage search engines’ option and replace the existing search provider with a new one.

Delete from Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the browser and move to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. After that, choose ‘Add-ons’ option and navigate to ‘Extensions’.
3. Here you have to look for the unwanted extensions and click once on ‘Uninstall’ option.
4. Now you have to move to the ‘Tools’ section once again and choose ‘Options’.
5. After that select’ General’ and move to ‘Startup’.
6. Here choose a new start page (or choose ‘Show a blank page’ option).

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