What is is treated as potentially malicious search engine that can monitor you browsing activities and then transmit the accumulated information to the malignant third party. Don’t be mislead about this reliable-looking search engine because it may not only provide you inaccurate search results but can also redirect you to potentially malignant webpages that contains even more serious infections. So, as soon as you notice that this potentially dangerous search engine has intervened your safe work with computer, we suggest you to uninstall search engine.

How can hit your computer?

As most possibly dangerous search engines, can reach your computer bundled with other programs or files that you download from the internet such as file converter, music file player or another free application. Because of this reason, it is essential to choose only those programs that you can trust. However, you should know that even reliable free programs, that you can easily download form the internet, may have some additional installs of potentially unwanted programs as well. That’s why, it is very important to carefully accomplish all the installation process step by step because if you just irresponsibly go over all installation stages you may simply pass over the install of any additional unwanted application. The same situation can also happen with search engine as well. That’s why we can remind you once again that you have to be very attentive, download only trustworthy applications and perform the installation process very carefully in order to deselect all unnecessary applications.


How can affect your computer?

Once installed, this potentially malignant search engine implements some primary changes. From the beginning you will notice that both: your browser’s homepage and your search engine are changed into Besides that, when you will try to perform your usual search activity, you will be redirected to website or other related webpage. Moreover, this potentially harmful search engine may attack you with a huge amount of various annoying advertisements and pop-ups that may seem to match your search results. However, you should avoid all these advertisements and pop-ups because they can be potentially dangerous and redirect you to illegal websites where you can easily ‘catch’ even more serious infection.
Basically, search engine was created to help cyber criminals to earn more money. Once you click on any of those annoying advertisements that you are constantly displayed with, you help internet scams to earn some money. Besides that, as it was mentioned before, you may also be redirected to other potentially harmful webpages and help internet scams to get even closer to your personal information. So, if you want to keep you personal information protected and enjoy safe work with your computer again, you should operate removal as soon as possible.

How to remove is not only treated as unsafe search engine but it can also cause even more serious computer problems. Because of this reason, we suggest you to get rid of this potentially harmful search engine right now. Here you won’t find any manual removal instructions because only a manual removal can’t assure that you have completely eliminated any malicious program. The best way to eliminate is to download and install reputable anti-spyware program such as SpyHunter. We can ensure that this reliable anti virus application will not only remove the potentially unwanted application, but also secure your computer from all the potentially malicious programs.

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