What is, also known as MySearchs Toolbar, is classified as a browser hijacker. It was created by Montiera Technologies LTD and is compatible with all popular browsers. The toolbar has an official website where it is described as an application that will help you look for information online, play games, listen to the radio, find best prices, connect to your favorite websites and check weather forecast. Judging from the description it seems like a useful program.


The big green Download link suggests that you should be able to acquire it on the webpage. However, that is not the case. The link does not work which means that the application travels bundled with other software. That also makes its usefulness highly questionable. We recommend you delete from your system.

Download Removal Toolto remove

How does work? hijacks your home page and default search engine. Moreover, you can not restore these settings until you completely eliminate as it adds a helper object to your browsers that makes it impossible for you to change the settings manually. The main page of the hijacker that you will constantly see does not look very reliable. Aside from the usual search box and search parameters, it also includes a suspicious advert that you should not click on. Using the provided search engine is also not recommended. is similar to other applications of this type like,, and many more. All of these hijackers fill your browsers with various commercial data and is no different. Clicking on the provided ads is rather risky as they may lead you to corrupted pages containing virtual scams. No matter what  you see in the ad, we suggest you stay away from it until you terminate

How to remove is not a useful program. All the promises that it makes do not matter much, because it exposes you to unnecessary risks, slows down your Internet connection and system speed, makes unauthorized settings modifications and collects data about your browsing habits. There is no reason why you should tolerate that. If you want to eliminate from your system, you can use a malware removal tool. Once you install it, you will be able to run a system scan and detect all issues. Then you will be able to terminate and other unwanted applications. Alternatively, you can follow the manual removal instructions below. Make sure you complete all steps in order to delete completely.

Manual removal

Delete from Windows 8

  • Press Win+R, type in Control and hit Enter
  • Go to Uninstall a program under Programs
  • Choose the suspicious toolbar and click Uninstall

Delete from Windows 7 & Vista

  • Click Start and open Control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall a program
  • Delete the unwanted software

Delete from Windows XP

  • Click Start -> Control Panel
  • Open Add or remove programs
  • Terminate the unwanted toolbar

Remove from browsers:

Uninstall from Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu and open Settings
  • Select Show advanced settings
  • Open Reset browser settings
  • Click Reset

Uninstall from Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Alt+H to open Help menu
  • Click Troubleshooting Information
  • Go to Reset Firefox
  • Click Reset Firefox again
  • Click Finish

Uninstall from Internet Explorer


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