Remove VBScript-virus

Tips on VBScript-virus Removal

VBScript-virus is a part of a fake alert that appears on your screen if your computer is infected with My Security Shield. My Security Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program that you should not hesitate to delete. The fake notification that you see was created in order to scam computer users into wasting their money on a useless program.

You should not believe the message or follow any of the instructions given to you by the program as it will not do you any good. What you should do is eliminate VBScript-virus from your PC.


How does VBScript-virus work?

The fake alert that you see states that a virus has been detected on your computer and the name of the virus is Trojan-PSW.VBS.Half. You are even provided with the description of the non-existent threat: “This is a VBScript-virus. It steals user/’s passwords./”. You should not trust this message as it is known that it comes from the rogue anti-spyware program. The only way to get rid of VBScript-virus pop-up is to delete My Security Shield. The malicious application can cause other messages to appear on your screen as well, for example: “Warning! Identity theft attempt detected”, “Warning! Access conflict detected!”, “Warning! Your computer is at risk of malware attacks” and more.

If you have seen these fake alerts, you can be sure that My Security Shield is responsible. After the program enters your system, it claims that your PC is infected and that you need to purchase the full version of the application in order to fix it. The clandestine infection will not help you get rid of any viruses even if you do have them on your computer. My Security Shield is just a scam used by cyber criminals. It is similar to other programs of this type like Security Master AV, Virus Doctor, Security Guard and others. It should be your priority to terminate My Security Shield and thus delete VBScript-virus alert as soon as you can.

How to remove VBScript-virus?

It is clear that you have to terminate VBScript-virus pop-ups. The only way to do that is to uninstall VBScript-virus as well as its related program from your PC. My Security Shield is a serious threat and in order to eliminate it you will have to download and install a reliable anti-malware software. Unless you have advanced computer knowledge, we do not recommend attempting manual VBScript-virus removal. Download the malware remover, scan you PC and delete VBScript-virus related application. Installing the anti-malware tool is also a good idea, because it will keep your computer safe and protected from various security vulnerabilities in the future.

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