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Guide on Tuvaro Removal

Tuvaro belongs to browser hijacker’s category and once installed, it can easily change your default homepage and search provider into or install additional Tuvaro toolbar to your browser. The search engine, created by cyber criminals displays various advertisements and links to particularly suspicious websites connected with your search results. What regards the toolbar, it can be very suspicious that even though it is said to be harmless, there is no official website where you would be able to download it.

So, it means that and Tuvaro Toolbar can reach your computer hidden under other programs that you download from the internet. That’s why we suggest you to download only those files that you think you can rely on. Furthermore, it is very important to read all additional information, written in the installation wizard and don’t skip any installation step because you can just simply omit any hidden additional programs that are bundled with the file you want to download. However, if your computer is already infected by this browser hijacker, we suggest you to remove Tuvaro toolbar as well as the search provider.

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How can Tuvaro browser hijacker affect your computer?

Once Tuvaro browser hijacker reaches your computer or you install any browser extension that is bundled with search engine by yourself, your browser’s settings will soon be changed. You should know that this search engine can act on all the browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). At the beginning you will notice that your default homepage is changed into This search tool can monitor, collect your search results and then attack you with huge amount of advertisements that are connected with your searching activity. An exclusive attribute provided by this malicious search engine is that each time when you open your browser, you will be displayed with different, beautiful landscape picture. However, while you may enjoy this attractive image, internet schemers accumulate your personal information. So, once you notice that this malicious search engine has infected your computer, you should remove from your computer.


At the same time, Tuvaro Toolbar browser extension is provided by ‘Montera Technologeis LTD’. This browser extension is not treated as a malicious program and, in general, it can can help you to reach your favorite webpages more quickly. However, Tuvaro Toolbar can disturb your work with various pop-ups, advertisements or another notices. The browser plugin is not responsible for the potentially harmful content that these various notifications might have. So, in order to escape from more serious problems, you should avoid any suspicious advertisements or pop-ups and just simply delete Tuvaro Toolbar from your computer.

How to delete

Even if Tuvaro Toolbar is not a computer virus, this browser extension can secretly reach your computer bundled with other programs and start to monitor your browsing activities. So, if you don’t want to be observed all the time and be in risk of getting more serious problems, we suggest you to operate Tuvaro Toolbar removal from your computer right now. You can try to uninstall Tuvaro Toolbar in a manual way.

How to eliminate Tuvaro

For Windows 8:

  1. When you move the mouse to the bottom right of the screen, wait until the ‘Charms bar’ appears.
  2. After that, you have to click ‘Settings’ and move to ‘Control Panel’.
  3. Then, by clicking ‘Uninstall a program’ you uninstall the toolbar.

For Windows XP:

  1. You should open ‘Start’ menu and move to ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Here you have to choose ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and delete the toolbar.

For Windows Vista and 7:

  1. When you open ‘Start’ menu, you should click on ‘Control Panel’.
  2. After that you have to open ‘Uninstall a program’ and erase the hijacker.

Besides that, it is essential to delete the browser hijacker from your browsers. At it was mentioned before, Tuvaro Toolbar can act on all the browsers, so we recommend you to to the same removal steps for all the browsers that are installed into your computer.

Remove Tuvaro from browsers:

Internet Explorer:

  • While tapping a combination of ‘Alr+T’, open the browser.
  • Now you should choose ‘Manage Add-ons’.
  • Once you do that, click on ‘Toolbars and Extensions’, search for (Tuvaro Toolbar, Tuvaro Helper Object) and click on ‘Disable’ option.
  • When you click ‘Search Providers’, choose all unwanted search providers and click on ‘Remove’.
  • Now click ‘Close’.
  • Once again tap a combination of ‘Alt+T’ and then choose ‘Internet Options’.
  • The last step is to click ‘General tab’, eliminate the unneeded homepage and click ‘OK’.

Google Chrome:

  • First of all press the combination of ‘Alt+F’ and then choose ‘Tools’.
  • Then, you should move to ‘Extensions’ and then eliminate Tuvaro Chrome Toolbar.
  • Once you open the ‘Settings’ section, select ‘Open a page or set of pages’ and click on ‘Set pages’.
  • Now you have to remove and in the homepage field enter a new name. After that click ‘OK’.
  • Now under the Search section you have to choose ‘Manage search engines’, delete Tuvaro and select another default search engine.
  • Finally, click ‘Done’.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Firstly, click the ‘Firefox button’ and move to the ‘Options’ section.
  2. Now you have to eliminate and enter another home page address (under the ‘General tab’).
  3. Once you click ‘OK’, you have to click on ‘Search engine icon’ (at the top right of the search bar).
  4. Now, choose ‘Manage search engines’. When you will be displayed with a list, search for Tuvaro, remove it and click ‘OK’ .
  5. Open ‘Add-ons manager’ tab (by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+A’ ).
  6. Finally, you have to delete Tuvaro and reboot the Firefox.

In general, if you want yo remove any malicious program from your computer, you have to be skilled enough and know that some malignant programs may install additional applications to your computer as well. So, if you leave any additional files of that malignant program, your computer and personal information might still be in danger. That’s why we suggest you to download and install reliable anti-spyware application like SpyHunter. With a help of this reputable anti-malware program, you will be able to perform a full system scan, get rid of Tuvaro browser hijacker and protect your computer against all the internet threats.

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