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What is Tube Dimmer?

Tube Dimmer is PUP (potentially unwanted application) which may infiltrate your computer’s system when you are not expecting it at all. Actually there are quite a lot of discussions about this application because on the one hand it can be categorized as potentially unwanted application which can bring your more damage than benefit, but on the other hand Tube Dimmer can be described as useful application which is supposed to help you save the money. If you are interested in our opinion, we can say that credibility of this application should be really low because Tube Dimmer may not only infiltrate your computer without a proper permission but also cause some other unwanted side effects which you don’t really want.

Because of that reason we are recommending to remove Tube Dimmer as soon as you notice that this application is inside your PC.

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How can Tube Dimmer come inside your computer’s system?

Tube Dimmer is most often cases travels with various freeware or shareware files which might be promoted by potentially dangerous third-party. So, it means that each time when you are about to download some file you have to consider a possibility that together with a new file you may also download unexpected infection. In order to avoid such accidental situations you have to select only genuine files and programs and additionally pay more attention to the entire installation procedure. It’s not difficult to add any extra and potentially unwanted file together with some application that you can download without paying anything. However, the price that you might have to pay after the installation procedure can exceed your expectations. Because of that reason we recommend you to keep your eyes peel from the very first stage of installation process until you click on the ‘Finish’ button in order to deselect the additional and unwanted files.

Why should you eliminate Tube Dimmer?

First of all, there is no need to keep this potentially unwanted application inside your computer because it can totally change your browsing and searching habits. In addition to modified search engine and start page you will also have a chance to see what it means to get altered search results. Besides that, there is a risk that you may be redirected to some other websites than preferred. Another very annoying and possible harmful side effect provided by Tube Dimmer is that it can flood you with lots of different advertisements and pop-ups. You have to keep in mind that such diverse notifications are not generated to make you annoyed but to get some profit when you click on them. However, the profit can be really different because in one case you can only promote the traffic of some sponsored sites but in other case you can infect your computer even more. You have to know that sometimes it is enough for a one simple click on any advertisement and your computer might be infected even with some really harmful malware. As you can see, actually there are no positive reasons of why you should keep Tube Dimmer inside your PC any longer. So, the sooner you delete Tube Dimmer the fewer possible risks you might face.

How to uninstall Tube Dimmer from your computer?

Tube Dimmer removal (manual)


Delete from Windows XP:

Firstly, open the ‘Start’ menu (at the bottom-left corner).
After that, go to ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Add or Remove programs’, look for Tube Dimmer (or any other unwanted application) and remove them.

Delete from Windows 7 and Vista:

Click on the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Control panel’.
Now choose ‘Uninstall a program’ section
Search for Tube Dimmer and remove it.

Delete from Windows 8:

First of all, move with your mouse to the bottom-right corner and choose ‘Settings’ option (from the Charm bar).
Now navigate to ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
Finally, look for Tube Dimmer (or any other unfamiliar application) and remove it.

Another removal step is scanning your computer’s system with reliable anti-malware tool (e.g. SpyHunter). Even though you have performed all the manual removal steps very consistently but there is a risk that you computer might still run some other possibly unwanted and harmful applications. So, in order to get rid all of them you have to manage automatic removal option as well.

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