Remove Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A

What is Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A?

Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A is a dangerous computer virus that can cause all sorts of damage to your computer. VBS stands for Visual Basic script file that is encrypted with malware. The encryptor uses base64 encoding to corrupt your files. Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A uses various file names such as Secure.vbs, dbfaetvlal.vbs, qecddxsldm.vbs and others. The Trojan basically opens the door for other malicious programs to be installed on your PC. It appears to be compatible with all Windows systems. You should remove Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A from your computer system as soon as you can.

How does Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A work?

Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A could have entered your system if you have visited a malicious website. Or if a legitimate website has been hacked. There are other ways, of course. For example, downloading free software from an unreliable source. Also, it is possible to acquire Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A by clicking on a malicious link or downloading an attachment from a spam e-mail. You need to be especially careful with these as they have gotten more difficult to recognize right away. The e-mail may claim that it contains details about your delivery or other information that may seem legitimate at first. If you do not have a powerful spyware prevention tool on your PC you should be especially careful while browsing the web.

If you were unlucky enough the get infected by the Virus you will see that your computer starts to behave strangely. You will be prompted with fake security messages that will urge you to install even more malware on your computer. What is worse, the Virus will modify your settings as well as corrupt your files and registry entries. It is also capable of stealing your personal information like username, password, credit card number, etc. The longer Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A stays on your PC the more damage it will do. Your computer will start to slow down, some programs may be unresponsive and at some point the damage might become unfixable. You should get rid of Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A asap.

How to remove Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A?

Manual Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A removal hardly seems possible as the Trojan is quite capable of staying hidden from the computer user. We suggest using a trustworthy malware removal tool like SpyHunter. It will detect and delete Trojan:VBS/Crypter.A and all of its components by scanning your PC. SpyHunter will also make sure that the infection does not happen again and protect your computer from other online threats. If you have any difficulties downloading and launching SpyHunter you may need to use the instructions provided below to access the Safe Mode.



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