Remove Trojan.PolyCrypt.h

Guide on Trojan.PolyCrypt.h Removal

Trojan.PolyCrypt.h is a Trojan horse that functions as a keylogger which means that the main purpose of this program is to steal your personal details. The Trojan will also negatively affect your PC and it will not function properly. The malicious program can also block certain webpages so that you cannot download malware removal tools in order to get rid of Trojan.PolyCrypt.h. Your computer could have been infected by this threat if you were not careful enough with spam e-mails or freeware downloads.

You can also infect your PC if you visit corrupted websites or click on malicious links. Keep in mind that it is always better to have a reliable anti-malware tool on your computer so you can avoid malware and other unwanted programs.

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What are the symptoms of Trojan.PolyCrypt.h infection?

Trojan.PolyCrypt.h is a very dangerous threat that can cause a lot of damage to your PC. If your computer is infected you will notice the following symptoms. You may notice that your system settings were modified without your permission. Some of them may be related to your antivirus or Windows Firewall. Trojan.PolyCrypt.h is capable of disabling your system protection and thus allowing other malicious programs to be installed onto your PC. You will also see that your system has started to function more slowly and some programs take longer to respond. Your files can get corrupted and you will not be able to open them. It is also possible that Trojan will block certain applications altogether and cause system crashes.


Moreover, Trojan.PolyCrypt.h can cause not only system damage, but it can also steal your sensitive data. The Trojan launches a keylogger that collects your personal information and sends it to a remote server. Needless to say, this could lead to serious financial consequences. You should terminate Trojan.PolyCrypt.h before any of it happens.

How to remove Trojan.PolyCrypt.h?

As you can see, Trojan.PolyCrypt.h is indeed a hazardous infection that can cause a lot of damage to your PC. The longer you keep it, the worse it will get. Therefore you should not hesitate and delete Trojan.PolyCrypt.h as soon as possible. The way to do that is by implementing a malware removal tool (e.g. Spyhunter) that will take care of your computer automatically. The anti-malware program will uninstall Trojan.PolyCrypt.h and all of its components and keep your system safe and protected in the future.

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