Remove Trojan.Asprox

What is Trojan.Asprox?

Trojan.Asprox is a Trojan horse that communicates with other similar programs in order to infect computer systems in various ways. Usually the infection distributes itself via spam e-mails and corrupted websites. Trojan.Asprox is particulaly associated with rogue anti-spyware distribution. So it is quite possible that if your computer got infected by this Trojan a fake security program is now also in your system. In order to get rid of Trojan.Asprox and other malware that may already be on your PC you should implement a legitimate malware removal tool.

How did I acquire Trojan.Asprox?

One of the ways to get infected by Trojan.Asprox is by visiting a corrupted webpage. WordPress sites have been associated with the Trojan. If you computer is not guarded by a security program you may have no idea that the page is malicious as the program can hack even legitimate websites. Once you enter an infected page you will get redirected to Go1pack Exploit Kit that will install Trojan.Asprox.

Another way you could have infected your computer is spam e-mails. It is extremely difficult to tell the Asprox spam e-mail apart from an actual message as the Trojan uses real e-mail addresses of accounts that have been hacked. In some cases the person is not even aware of the fact that his account has been infiltrated. If you download an attachment or click on a link in the e-mail sent by Trojan.Asprox you will infect your PC with the Trojan and other malicious programs like rogue anti-spyware.

What does Trojan.Asprox do?

If Trojan.Asprox installs other malware onto your PC you will experience some computer issues. It will not be functioning properly. You will notice slow downs and freezes, the system may even shut down for no apparent reason. It will also restrict access to some of your programs and may corrupt your files. The more you wait the more damage the malware will cause. Therefore we suggest you eliminate Trojan.Asprox and other malicious software as soon as you can.

How to remove Trojan.Asprox?

In order to remove Trojan.Asprox from your PC you will have to use a powerful malware removal tool. The threat is extremely malignant so you will not be able to terminate Trojan.Asprox manually. The anti-malware program will scan your computer and detect all malicious files. Then it will eliminate them for good. Your computer will be clean and the anti-malware tool will protect it from other online infections.manual-removal

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