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What is TowerTilt?

TowerTilt is just another adware that may infiltrate your computer’s system very secretly and then begin to attack you with a huge amount of various popping-up messages and other type of notifications. Originally generated by SuperWeb LLC, sometimes TowerTilt can be also categorized as potentially undesirable application that may not only disturb your daily work with computer but also pose a real danger of infecting your computer even more. So, it means that all those annoying advertisements and pop-ups are not intentionally generated to interfere your browsing sessions but to force you to click on any of them.

Of course, we are not saying that each click on any similar pop-up can be crucial but there is no need to risk about your computer’s safety so much if you can simple remove TowerTilt right now.

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How can TowerTilt enter your computer’s system?

There are two possibilities in which TowerTilt can find a way into your computer. First of all, you may download this additional application by yourself from some not very reliable websites. However, in most often cases this adware may come inside your computer’s system when you are not expecting it at all. It means that this potentially unwanted application may be bundled with free software that you can easily download from the internet. So, every time when you are about to download and install any new application better think what potentially unwanted files can be hidden under it. It’s not very difficult to find out you if the application that you have chosen is free of any unwanted files. First of all, you have to choose only those programs or files that are provided in the official websites. Moreover, before installing any new application you have to select Advanced or Custom installation procedure. However, that’s not enough because as soon as you begin to install any new application you have to carefully read all the details provided in the installation wizard and deselect all additional and undesirable applications.

Why it is better to delete TowerTilt?

We can assure you that there is no reason to keep TowerTilt inside your computer any longer. We guess that you are already tired of all the advertisements and other notifications labeled as Ads by TowerTilt, Powered by TowerTilt, TowerTilt Ads etc.However, you should never forget that all these notifications are created in order to find all the possible ways of infecting your computer’s system even more. So, even if some notifications provided by TowerTilt seem to be reliable and appealing but you should definitely avoid clicking on them because with each click you help cyber criminals to earn some additional money. Besides that, each irresponsible click on any pop-up may also redirect you to other dangerous sites.


There is also a high possibility that this potentially unwanted program may start to monitor your browsing activities. Even if the information about your favorite websites or search results seems to be not so secret or private but you may never know when cyber criminals will generate a way to find out your personal details such as credit card numbers, user names or passwords. We understand that you don’t want to loose your personal data but why then you hesitate about immediate TowerTilt removal?

How to eliminate TowerTilt?

As you are already determined to protect yourself from the loss of your personal data and get back safe work with your computer again you should follow our directions provided below. At the beginning you have to remove this unwanted adware from your computer’s system manually.

To do that you must:

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu.
2. Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ section.
3. Choose ‘Add/Remove Programs or ‘Uninstall a Program’ section.
4. Once displayed with a list of the programs, search for any suspicious applications (especially for TowerTilt) and remove them by clicking on ‘Uninstall’ option.
5. Final step you have to perform is to click on ‘OK’.

Now it’s is essential to terminate TowerTilt from your browsers. Due to the fact that this adware is compatible with the most popular browsers you should uninstall TowerTilt from all of them:

Internet Explorer

1. When the Internet Explorer is opened, click once either on the Gear icon or on the ‘Tools’ section.
2. Navigate to ‘Internet Options’ and select ‘Advanced’ tab.
3. Click on the ‘Reset’ option and choose ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’.
4. After that, move to ‘Delete personal settings’ and click once again on the ‘Reset’ button.
5. At the end, click on ‘Close’ option and then hit the ‘OK’ button.

Google Chrome

1. When the browser is opened choose Chrome menu button.
2. After that, move to the ‘Settings’ section and select ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
3. Now click on ‘Reset browser settings’ and finally, click once on ‘Reset’ option.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Firstly, open the browser and then move to the ‘Help’ section.
2. After that, choose ‘Troubleshooting Information’ and click on ‘Reset Firefox’ (for a couple of times).
3. Finally, click on ‘Finish’ option.

However, after the manual removal procedure it is recommended to perform the automatic removal process as well. The need to scan your computer’s system with reliable anti-virus tool is encouraged due to the fact that in most often cases such potentially unwanted applications can be installed into your computer together with some additional and possibly dangerous files. In this case any manual removal step can totally eliminate all the dangerous files running inside your computer’s system. So, if you have already performed all the manual elimination stages you should download a reliable anti-malware tool, e.g. Spyhunter and let this program to detect and eliminate all possibly malignant files.

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