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TightVNC Removal Tips

TightVNC is a remote administration tool which allows the user to control a computer through some distance. Originally it was created as a helpful and legitimate program, unfortunately sometimes malware disguises itself to look like TightVNC and then the user has to deal with many problems. As soon as TightVNC or its alias WinVNC.exe enters a new computer, it starts performing nasty tricks. If you noticed this software inside your system, we suggest to delete TightVNC as soon as possible.

What does TightVNC do?

The application does not try to hide from the user and is easily noticeable. If TightVNC infiltrated your computer, you will observe many unwelcome changes. Your browsers’ settings will be changed (start page, error page, and search page) and the malicious software will generate numerous annoying and intrusive pop-up advertisements that will definitely disturb your browsing.


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An observant user will also see that the intruder renews the deleted corrupt files, erases some of the registry entries, inserts unknown programs to the process list, ads undesirable Web Browser Components, and significantly decreases computer’s speed. These symptoms indicate that camouflaged malware resides inside your system and that you need to get rid of TightVNC immediately.

There are several ways for the rogue to enter your PC. Just like similar malware infections it often uses Peer-to-Peer networks’ vulnerability to enter your system. Sometimes it also travels with freeware or attacks your computer from malicious websites. No matter how you got infected, we recommend to terminate TightVNC.

To prevent such malware infections in the future, you should really consider purchasing a legitimate anti-spyware. Remote administration tool is not the only type of infection it would protect you from. You should also remember to keep your system, especially Windows security, updated. By failing to perform constant updates, you leave your computer defenseless against all kinds of infections. Also, do not forget to scan your system for new threats, because it is very important to catch the intruders as soon as possible. Finally, try to avoid untrustworthy websites and do not install free of charge software from suspicious sources. When you catch the rogue, do not hesitate and uninstall TightVNC at once.

How to remove TightVNC?

We advise you not to attempt TightVNC removal by yourself. The process is difficult and should not be performed by the inexperienced user. The smallest mistakes during trying to remove TightVNC may have disastrous consequences. We suggest to install a powerful and reputable anti-spyware and use it to deal with a problem. Remember that a legitimate security tool, will be able to safeguard your computer from similar threats in the future. Do not risk your system’s safety and delete TightVNC now.

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