What is is an intrusive application classified as a browser hijacker. The program changes your browser settings and you cannot undo these changes manually until you remove Like any other hijacker is advertised as a reliable search engine that will provide you with the best results. In reality, however, it is just a program that was created in order to make profit by generating traffic of certain webpages. is compatible with all browsers so it will interrupt your surfing no matter which one of them you use. As the application adds no value to your PC and causes unnecessary disturbance, we recommend to delete

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How does work?

If you do not remember installing, you most likely acquired the software together with some freeware or shareware program. Potentially unwanted programs like browser hijackers are often bundled with free software. Therefore when you install third-party applications you need to pay special attention to the installation wizard. Check the End User License Agreement for further information on what else you are installing aside from You can also choose Advanced Installation to deny access to the additional programs.

After enters your system it modifies your search engine, home page and new tab page. It also causes redirects to unfamiliar webpages that have nothing to do with your browsing session. Furthermore, you will also be distracted by the increased amount of ads, banners and pop-ups that your browsers will be filled with. All of these unnecessary changes will cause your Internet connection to slow down. You should also keep in mind that after enters your PC it will start collecting information about your browsing habits like what pages you visit and what searches you make. This data is collected in order to personalize the adverts you see and increase the chances of you actually following the presented links. We do not recommend doing so as the ads that are displayed may not be safe. To improve your online security and go back to normal browsing you should terminate

How to remove

If you want to eliminate from your PC you can do it automatically or manually. Automatic removal is more reliable as the anti-malware program can delete and all files associated with it. It can also make sure that your system stays safe in the future and does not get infected again. If, however, you want to uninstall manually, that is possible as well. You can use the instructions below to help you get rid of the hijacker. Removal

Delete unwanted software from Windows

Windows 8

1. Right-click at the bottom left corner
2. Open Control Panel
3. Click on Uninstall a program
4. Choose the unwanted application
5. Click Uninstall

Windows 7 and Vista

1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel
2. Select Uninstall a program
3. Right-click on the software
4. Click Uninstall

Windows XP

1. Click Start to open the menu
2. Select Control Panel
3. Go to Add or remove programs
4. Choose the application
5. Click Remove

Erase from browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on Gear icon in top right corner
3. Select Internet Options
4. Go to tab Advanced
5. Select Reset button
6. Enable Delete personal settings
7. Click Reset button
8. Restart Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

1. Launch Mozilla and tap Alt+H
2. Click on Troubleshooting information
3. Select Reset Firefox
4. Confirm the reset and click Finish

Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click on the menu and select Settings
3. Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings
4. Pick Reset browser settings button
5. Click Reset once more

Edit the Target line

1. Right-click on the shortcut of your browser
2. Open Properties and click Shortcut tab
3. Select all text after “exe” in the Target line
4. Delete this text and click OK

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  1. Sue

    Amen. I had this file viewer icon on my desk top, which I assumed was from Microsoft, so I clicked on it and it said there was a new verison available to download and there is where I was suckered into this mess. I hope I have it all gone, at least it’s not opening up in place of my browser now.

  2. Gunsmoke251

    I must have gotten it from the Google extensions app’s, so be careful what extensions you have on Google Chrome


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