Remove System SpeedUp

What is System SpeedUp?

You should not be worried if you have System SpeedUp on your computer as it is a legitimate application. However, you should know that it is sometimes classified as a potentially unwanted program. System SpeedUp was developed by Systweak Software. You can download it at where it is advertised as a tool that can fix registry errors and improve your system speed.

Some users may think that it is a useful application and download it without realizing that they will only be able to activate the above described features of the software unless they upgrade it to full version. The full version of the program costs 29.95$ and unless you are willing to pay this sum of money you should uninstall System SpeedUp from your PC.

System SpeedUp-

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How does System SpeedUp work?

System SpeedUp scans your system and detects unused registry entries. Registry entries may be left behind after you uninstall a program. The more registry entries are left behind, the more chances there are that your PC may not function properly. System SpeedUp can delete these entries in order to speed up your system, avoid error alerts, deactivate startup programs and so on. The software is also capable of dealing with User related errors, Com and ActiveX errors, System related errors, etc. Moreover, you can use it to back up your registry configurations. As you can see, the program does have its benefits, but they are not free.

Although it is clear that System SpeedUp can be a helpful application, there are certain negatives to it as well. The main reason it falls into the category of potentially unwanted software is because it can come bundled with other freeware programs. System SpeedUp has been in particularly linked to Advanced System Protector. That is why you should keep in mind that even when you install legitimate software, you should still pay attention to the installation process. Always pick Advanced installation and deselect all additional offers.

How to remove System SpeedUp?

Since System SpeedUp is a legitimate application, you should not have any difficulties with its removal. You can delete System SpeedUp from your PC via Control Panel. Instructions below will guide you through this uncomplicated process. However, if you want to be sure that your computer is protected from various infections that you can encounter while browsing the Web and that there aren’t any other potentially unwanted programs on your PC, you should download and install the malware prevention and removal tool. Once you have it on your system, you will be able to surf the Web without any worries.

Advices on System SpeedUp Removal

Remove System SpeedUp from Windows XP

  • Start ­> Control Panel ­> Add or remove programs ­> System SpeedUp ­> Remove

Delete System SpeedUp from Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Start ­> Control Panel ­> Uninstall a program ­> System SpeedUp ­> Uninstall

Eliminate System SpeedUp from Windows 8

  • Settings ­> Control Panel ­> Uninstall a program ­> System SpeedUp ­> Uninstall.

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