Remove Srptm.exe

What is srptm.exe?

Srptm.exe is an Executable file which is directly liable for launching various programs that are installed inside your computer’s system. Srptm.exe (as well as all the other similar files with different extensions such as .bat, .com and.bin) are not malicious by the nature. However, when such files are altered by cyber criminals they may contain various malignant codes. In this case all Executable files can act as really harmful infections which may pose a high risk on your computer’s security system.

That’s why we suggest you to uninstall Srptm.exe if you think that this file is not genuine and reliable.

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How can Srptm.exe file enter your computer?

In most often cases the malignant Srptm.exe executable file may be bundled with browser hijacker. As you may already suspect such possibly undesirable applications can infiltrate your computer’s system when you are not expecting this to happen at all. So, each time when you want to download any new freeware or shareware file for which you don’t need to pay it is important to verify if this new file is free of possibly unwanted and harmful applications. In order to do that you must pay more attention to the installation procedure. It means that before you begin to perform the installation process you have to select Advanced or Custom option. In addition to that it is recommended not to to skip through all the information written in the installation wizard but carefully read all details in order to deselect the additional files. Be aware that your computer’s safety is literary in your hands.

Why should you remove Srptm.exe?

If you notice that Srptm.exe file has started to run inside your computer without any previous download you shouldn’t hesitate about Srptm.exe removal process. Due to the fact that in most often cases Srptm.exe travels together with various browser hijackers you may also face some other side effects of this infection. For the most part browser hijackers can entirely modify your browsing and searching activities. For example, if Srptm.exe comes together with browser hijacker it can replaces your default home page and search provider with a new one generated by In addition to that, the results which you receive after your searching sessions might be quite misleading. Moreover, you can also be provided by lost of annoying pop-ups and other similar notifications. Furthermore, you’ll notice that your computer’s speed has become slower than it is in a normal mode. In addition, you have to know the fact that browser hijacker has a right to monitor your browsing sessions and then transfer the gathered details to the members of the third-party. However, you also risk of revealing your personal information such as credit card numbers, user names or passwords. So, better don’t wait anymore and delete Srptm.exe and all the other additional malignant files.


Considering the fact that Srptm.exe can travel with various malignant files there is no need to provide you any manual removal instructions because they could only damage your computer’s system even more. That’s why we recommend you to download reliable anti virus application, such as Spyhunter. After the installation process of this anti-virus tool you’ll be able to get back safe work with your computer very soon.

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