What is is described as a browser hijacker which has a full right to infiltrate your computer’s system without asking any permission. However, the infiltration process is nothing in comparison with further modifications that is supposed to do. First of all, this browser hijacker changes the main settings of your browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It means that instead of your usual and default home page and search engine you will be provided with

However, such modification is nothing in comparison with all the other unpleasant side effects provided by this browser hijacker. So, we suggest you to eliminate as soon as possible.

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How can infiltrate your computer?

We can say that for the most part can arrive to your computer via illegal an unreliable ways. It means that this browser hijacker can be distributed along with various freeware or shareware files. So, if you agree to download any free application such as PDF creator, music player or video player you shouldn’t be too lazy to verify if the new application you have chosen is free of any potentially unwanted files. This verification process doesn’t take a long time but helps to avoid any unexpected infection. So, before installing any new program you have to select either Advanced or Custom installation option and then make sure that you attentively read all additional information which is displayed in the installation wizard. However, only reading is not enough because you also have to spot and deselect additional applications which are treated as the main cause of various infections.


How does perform?

You should know that acts very similarly as all the other browser hijackers such as or Despite all the attempts to advertise as a useful tool which helps to ameliorate your browsing experiences you should take into consideration the fact that it’s just another potentially unwanted application generated to get some profit out of random users. Cyber criminals who manage this undesirable application are searching for all the possible ways to infiltrate random computers and then get some benefit for that. It means that as soon as this application enters your computer’s system you will be provided with lots of various notifications and advertisements. The main purpose of such pop-ups is to make you click on them and in this way promote the traffic of some sponsored websites.

However, we suggest you to stay away from clicking on any random popping-up information which is related with because for the most part you cannot only help cyber criminals to earn some additional money but also catch even more serious infection. Moreover, you should think about a possibility to be constantly monitored as well. Actually, you are under surveillance of cyber criminals from the very first moment when enters your PC’s system. Even though this supervision is said to be done for marketing purposes but how can you trust in this information if you have already been mislead once? Better listen to our advice this time and remove straightaway.

How to perform removal?

Firstly, you have to uninstall (manually):

1. Click once on the ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Control Panel’.
2. Now go to ‘Programs and Features’ or ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section and then look for any suspicious-looking application.
3. Once you notice any entry that you want to remove, you have to mark it and select ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.

After that, it’s about time to fix your browsers and delete from all of them:

Internet Explorer

1. Open the browser and click once on the ‘Gear icon’.
2. After that, choose ‘Internet Options’ and replace the existing homepage into a new one.
3. Choose the ‘Gear icon’ once again but now move to ‘Manage Add-ons’ section (here you have to select ‘Search Providers’ and choose a new default search provider).

Google Chrome

1. If the browser is already opened you have to choose ‘the menu icon’ (top-right corner) and go to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. After that, select ‘Settings’ and under ‘On startup’ section you must choose ‘set pages’ option (here you have to change your home page).
3. Now click on the menu icon once again and navigate to ‘Settings’ section where you must select ‘Manage Search Engines…’ option (here you have to choose a new default search engine).

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the browser, hit the ‘menu icon’ and move to the ‘Options’ section (when the dialog box is opened you have to change your home page).
2. After that, you have to type ‘about:config’ in the URL field and press the Enter button.
3. Now look for suspicious applications and remove them.

However, even if you carefully perform every step of manual removal procedure you cannot be sure that your computer is now safe and protected from the occurrence of any undesirable infection. In order to be assured about the safety of your PC you have to scan your computer with reliable virus detector SpyHunter or any other similar application.

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