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Why you need to remove SearchAssist? ( or removal)

SearchAssist is a browser hijacker that is compatible with all Windows systems. It is a program designed to infiltrate your browsers and modify their settings. is also known to interrupt you in the middle of your browsing and redirect you to various pages that the program promotes. It is quite similar to other programs of this type like,,, and many more. All browser hijackers are promoted as useful tools that will better your browsing experience and allow you quick access to your favorite online places. Unfortunately, the truth is they were created to make profit and nothing else. searchassits

The main purpose of is to generate web traffic of certain websites and that is why you are constantly redirected. The method of distribution of these programs is bundling which makes perfect sense since the applications strive to be installed silently. If you have the hijacker on your system do not hesitate to get rid of SearchAssist as you will not lose anything valuable, but rather increase the safety of your system.

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How did my PC get infected by SearchAssist?

The most common distribution method of SearchAssist is called bundling. If you download third party software from freeware or shareware websites keep in mind that it usually comes with potentially unwanted programs. Most users skip through the installation process and do not check all information provided in the installation wizard. And that is exactly how programs like SearchAssist enter your PC. It is always stated that along with the program of your choice you are also installing additional software. If you do not wish to allow this software to access your computer simply deselect the application you do not need. If you do that you will be able to install only what you wanted and avoid useless applications.

What does SearchAssist do?

SearchAssist starts out by altering your browser settings like home page and default search engine. It is impossible to switch those back manually, because every time you do they will be automatically altered once again. Therefore every time you open your browser you will see SearchAssist. Moreover, the program will interrupt your browsing by redirecting you to pages you had no intention of visiting and that have nothing to do with your interests. The reason this is done is to generate traffic for those sites which is how the developers of SearchAssist make profit.

Another annoying aspect of SearchAssist is the constant ads, pop-ups and sponsored links that will be displayed all over your browsers. Internet advertisements will become a huge part of your online activity as you will try to stay away from various surveys, lotteries, prize claims, software updates, video codecs, coupons, discounts and so on. Unfortunately, even if the offer seems valuable it does not mean that you will be able to use it. You see, the information provided in these ads is not necessarily true. That is you will never be sure that it is not some sort of a scam to make you lose your money or share personal details. The promoted pages are not endorsed by SearchAssist which means that the information on them could be false. We recommend to stay away from these ads if you do not want to further infect your PC and this time with something much more dangerous than SearchAssist.

It is clear that SEARCHASSIST is nothing but trouble. The program may not be malicious itself, but it does open doors for malware to be installed on your PC by exposing you to potentially harmful data. It also makes browser alterations that are not helpful to you in any way and does not ask permission for any of these actions to be completed. Therefore we suggest you terminate SEARCHASSIST as soon as you can.

How to remove SearchAssist from my PC?

Like with any other browser hijacker there are two possible ways to go when it comes to SearchAssist removal. You can choose to implement a reliable malware prevention and removal tool that will scan your PC, detect the unwanted program and delete SEARCHASSIST. This option is also advisable because once you install a security program you will not have to worry about any other online infections like malware, spyware, worms, rootkits, adware and so on. You will browse the Web safely and without any disturbance. The second option is manual SEARCHASSIST removal. This could be done via Control Panel. All you need to do is access it through the Start menu and then choose Add or remove programs or Uninstall a program depending on the Windows system you are using. Once there select SEARCHASSIST and delete the unwanted application. Afterwards, you should also reset your browsers. Instructions on how to do that are provided below this article.

Manual SearchAssist removal

Reset Internet Explorer to default settings

  1. Launch IE and click on Tools
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click Reset on the Advanced tab
  4. Enable Delete personal settings
  5. Click Reset again

Reset Google Chrome to default settings

  1. Open your browser
  2. Click on the menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. At the bottom of the page click Show advanced settings
  5. Now click on Reset browser settings
  6. Confirm the action

Reset Mozilla Firefox to default settings

  1. Launch your browser and tap Alt+H
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information
  3. Click on Reset Firefox
  4. Confirm the action
  5. Click Finish Download Removal Toolto remove SearchAssist


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