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What is Search Snacks?

Search Snacks is a browser add-on that is promoted as a tool that can make browsing and in-page translation a fast and easy process. The program uses Bing search engine and can translate any chosen text. It is compatible with all popular browsers and could be quite useful. What does raise concerns, however, is the fact that Search Snacks is distributed via bundled downloads which is a very popular distribution method among unwanted programs such as adware and browser hijackers. Furthermore, Search Snacks also displays quite a large amount of advertisements that some users may dislike.

That is why the program may also be classified as adware. If you are not satisfied with the browser extension you can always delete Search Snacks from your computer.

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How does Search Snacks work?

You should keep in mind that Search Snacks is not malware and cannot cause any serious damage to your PC on its own. However, it also not advisable to click on the ads provided by the program. You should avoid “Powered by Search Snacks”, “Ads by Search Snacks” and “Ad Info” links as they may lead you to potentially dangerous websites. The pages may contain false or offensive data, not to mention, it is also possible that you could download actual malware disguised as a software update. Do not click on any banners, pop-ups or sponsored links until you get rid of Search Snacks.


The same way as other potentially unwanted applications Search Snacks comes bundled with free software. It has been noticed that the program tends to get attached to various freeware or shareware programs and usually the computer user does not even notice allowing the application to get installed. It is possible to deny access to these unwanted programs by choosing Custom or Advanced Installation and simply deselecting the unfamiliar software.

As Search Snacks does not hold any real value to the computer user and may actually lead you to malware it is advisable to eliminate Search Snacks from your computer system. And here is how you can do that.

How to remove Search Snacks?

If you wish to uninstall Search Snacks manually you can use the instructions which are provided below this article. If you follow the steps you will be able to eliminate Search Snacks from your system as well as your browsers. If, however, you want to ensure complete PC safety and prevent other online infections from entering your system you should download and install a reliable anti-malware tool (e.g. Spyhunter). With this tool you will be able to remove the adware and scan your PC for other possible threats and keep your computer safe and clean in the future.

Search Snacks removal

Remove adware from Windows XP/ 7 and Vista

1. Access Control Panel via Start menu
2. Select Add or Remove Programs/Uninstall a Program
3. Choose Search Snacks
4. Terminate the program

Delete adware from Windows 8

1. Select Search at the bottom right corner
2. Type in Control Panel and click OK
3. Pick Uninstall a program
4. Right-click on Search Snacks
5. Select Uninstall

Terminate Search Snacks from browsers

Eliminate adware from Internet Explorer

1. Open IE and click on the Gear icon
2. Select Manage Add-ons
3. Delete Search Snacks
4. In Search providers section replace default search engine
5. Now go back and click Gear icon again
6. Select Internet Options
7. Change your home page on the General tab

Erase adware from Mozilla Firefox

1. Launch Mozilla and click on the menu
2. Select Add-ons and go to Extensions
3. Click on Search Snacks and delete it (trash icon)
4. Change your home page: choose Options in the menu, go to General tab,
set your home page.
5. Replace your search engine: click on the Question mark in the menu,
go to Trouble Shooting Information, click Reset Firefox

Delete adware from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome and click on the menu
2. Click on Tools and go to Extensions
3. Remove Search Snacks
4. Modify your home page: click on the menu again
5. Go to Settings and click Set pages
6. Change your search engine: in Settings click on Manage search engines
7. Select the preferred search provider

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