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What is Search Safer?

Search Safer is a program that was developed by Intriguing Apps and is classified as a potentially unwanted application. Ironically, the software is promoted as a tool that will help you block unsafe online content. However, that is not the case. Search Safer provides you with tons of adverts, but does not hold responsibility for any of them which means that content of those ads could easily be false.

Cyber criminals are known to exploit potentially unwanted programs in order to get easy access to user’s PC. Search Safer is no exception. If you do indeed wish to search the web safer and not get exposed to various Internet security vulnerabilities you should remove Search Safer from your PC.


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How does Search Safer work?

Search Safer usually travels bundled with freeware and shareware which is why it is completely possible that you did not even notice installing the program. Bundling method is extremely popular among PUPs as it is the easiest way to enter the system unnoticed. Such potentially unwanted programs as Search Defense, SafetySearch, Browse Armor and others are using this distribution method as well. The main purpose of these programs including Search Safer is to promote certain webpages and generate their traffic. That is how the developers of the applications make profit.

Once Search Safer gets installed you will notice an onslaught of various commercial ads: pop-ups, banners, sponsored links, in-text and video ads will become a huge part of your browsing. The worst part of it is that these advertisements can not be trusted. As it has already been mentioned, they may lead you to corrupted sites where you could infect your PC with malware or other unwanted programs. Moreover, Search Safer also slows down your Internet speed and collect information about your browsing habits. If you do not wish to deal with any of these negative features you should terminate Search Safer.

How to eliminate Search Safer from my PC?

Fortunately, Search Safer is not a malicious program itself which means that you can uninstall Search Safer from your computer via Control Panel. You will also have to remove Search Safer from your browsers. Instructions on how to complete both of these tasks are presented below this article. If, however, you want to save time and make sure that your system is completely clean you can implement an anti-malware tool that will delete Search Safer automatically. Moreover, the utility will also continue to work hard at keeping your system safe and secure in the future.

Search Safer Removal

Uninstall Search Safer from Windows

  • Open Search box (Win+Q or click on Start)
  • Enter Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program/Add or remove programs
  • Choose Search Safer and click Uninstall/Remove

Erase Search Safer from browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Open Manage add-ons
  • Select Search Safer
  • Click Disable and Remove

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Go to Extensions
  • Delete Search Safer

Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu
  • Select Tools -> Extensions
  • Remove Search Safer.

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