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What is Reimage?

You may never suspect that reliable-looking application Reimage which is promoted as PC’s optimization device can actually be categorized as potentially unwanted application as well. As all the other similar applications Reimage is promoted as being reliable program which can help you to fix the errors found in your computer’s system. However, the reality is slightly different because Reimage can actually cause you a lot of unexpected problems. Even though Reimage is distributed along with additional extensions provided by one of the most important leaders of antivirus programs AVG you shouldn’t be deceived by the apparent positive aspects of this application.

In this way we recommend you to remove Reimage and better download a reliable anti-virus tool that can actually help you to fix the errors related with your PC.

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In what ways can Reimage be distributed?

There are two main ways in which Reimage can infiltrate your computer. First of all, you can download this questionable application from the official website However, it is more likely that this potentially unwanted application will enter your computer’s system bundled with some other files or programs which you download from the internet. So, you should better check twice if the files that are coming inside your computer are safe and reliable. In order to verify the credibility of any freeware or shareware file, first of all, you must choose only those programs which are provided in the official websites. Moreover, you have to pay extra attention to the entire installation procedure. In other words it means that from the very first moment you start to install any new application into your computer you have to keep your eyes peeled and search for any suspicious-looking additional files. In addition to that you also have to choose Advanced or Custom installation option and carefully read all the data about the new application you have just downloaded.


How does Reimage work?

As we mentioned before, for the most part Reimage comes inside your computer together with AVG Safeguard Toolbar. Because of that reason your default home page and search provider can be replaced by the new ones provided by AVG. Moreover, you will notice that your browsing sessions might be slight different than before because there is a high risk to be constantly supplied with various advertisements and other type of notifications. In addition to that, you’ll notice that your computer has started to work slower than usually. However, the most common and most irritating thing provided by Reimage application is various scans that informs you about the infections and errors detected in your computer’s system. Even if it doesn’t sound like a dangerous or very annoying thing but you should take into consideration the fact that for the most part you can be informed about the unreal errors. Besides that, the only solution to fix the detected errors is to buy a full version of the application. We guess that now it is obvious why should better eliminate Reimage application and download a reliable anti-virus tool.

How to uninstall Reimage?

First of all, we suggest you to perform the manual Reimage removal and eliminate this potentially unwanted application from your computer’s system:

Instructions for Windows XP

1. Click once on the ‘Start’ menu and then move to ‘Control Panel’.
2. Choose ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section and look for Reimage application.
3. Delete Reimage and close the window (additionally you can remove all suspicious-looking applications).

Instructions for Windows Vista and 7

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu by clicking on the ‘Start’ icon once.
2. After that, navigate to ‘Control Panel’ section and choose ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
3. Here look for Reimage application and remove it (additionally you can remove all suspicious-looking applications).

Instructions for Windows 8

1. First of all, place the mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner of the screen and choose ‘Settings’ section.
2. Now go to ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
3. Look for the Reimage application and remove it (additionally you can remove all suspicious-looking applications).
After that, it is essential to download and install reliable anti-virus program (e.g. SpyHunter) that will allow you not only to completely delete Reimage application but also to get rid of other potentially unwanted additional files.

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