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The Qvo6 redirect is not only annoying but malicious, so if you have found that you keep being redirected to, then it is time to follow a Qvo6 removal tutorial like this one. This browser hijack changes your homepage, your default search engine, and may also add potentially malicious add ons to your browser of choice whether it be IE, Firefox, or Chrome. Here is how to remove from your computer and from Google Chrome.

First let’s start with the changes you will have to make on the OS side to get rid of Qvo6. Then we can address the browser issues. The programs responsible for the Qvo6 redirect are

  • eSave Security Control
  • Desk 365
  • BrowserProtect
  • Qvo6 toolbar

How to uninstall ?

If you know how to uninstall programs on your OS, you can do that now and skip to the web browser instructions. Otherwise, Vista and Win7 users will have to go to the Control Panel and select Programs and Features in order to uninstall these programs. Windows XP users will also open the Control Panel, but the Add or Remove Programs function is where you will be able to perform this act.


Now that the programs behind the Qvo6,com redirect are gone, you can fix your browser settings. You will need to change your homepage back to what it was before. You will also need to reset your default search engine. As an example, here are the instructions to remove Qvo6 from Google Chrome.

First, you will have to open your Google Chrome Settings and select On Startup. From here you will select the Set Pages option. Click the “x” get rid of You can then add the page of your choice if you like by writing the URL in the Add a New Page box.

Next go to the Appearance section. Click Change next to the redirect. Switch to the Use the New Tab Page, and click Okay to make sure your changes have been saved.

The next step is to go to the Search section. Click on the Manage Search Engines… button. Again, use the “x” to get rid of If it had become your default search engine then you will have to change that to something else (ie Google).

One last change takes place in the Shortcut tab. Remove from the target field so that it only says “\chrome.exe”, and save your changes by selecting Okay.

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