What is Qone8.com?

The Qone8.com virus is actually a search redirect. This means that your searches are all directed to Qone8.com rather than Google, Yahoo, or whatever service your normally use as a search engine. It may even alter your startup page, or the page that you see when you open a new tab. Qone8.com is a worthless search engine because rather than relying on accurate statistics to provide the best results, Qone8.com may insert links to partner sites or to those who are willing to pay. These additional sites cause your search to provide inaccurate results, and the links from Qone8.com may redirect you to sites than can put more malware onto your machine.


Do I need to remove Qone8.com?

This makes it vital that you immediately remove Qone8.com from your computer if it becomes infected. There are many various anti malware programs like Spyhunter that can remove the software for Qone8 from your machine. Then you need to change your browser settings back to what they were before. Most browsers contain an option that allows you to add and remove extensions. This is where you will find the Qone8.com redirect. You need to set things like your homepage and your search default back to your preferred settings.

How can you avoid the Qone8.com redirect in the first place?

There are a number of sources that redirects like this can come from. First of all, do not use the Internet to access sites for anything illegal. Programs like this are very often associated with sites for torrenting or piracy. Secondly, never open attachments from an email unless you know what the attachment is. Even if you know the sender, if their email has been compromised, the attachment could contain the Qone8.com redirect or some other sinister content. Especially avoid attachments if you do not know the sender. Finally, when downloading freeware, be sure to always use reputable sites. Always read the dialogue boxes that appear during download and installation to ensure that you only download and install the program you wanted and not something like the Qone8.com browser extension or any other add ons.

By following these few simple steps, you should be able to keep from downloading and installing Qone8.com in the first place. This will prevent you from needing to find a site containing a Qone8.com removal tutorial. These are good general principles to apply to your Internet use in general, since there is a great deal of malware out there.

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