Remove PRISM Virus

What is that PRISM Virus?

PRISM Virus is a computer disease which causes a lot of trouble to the computer user in whose computer this virus manages to get in. It is classified as a ransomware which disturbs the normal computer performance by blaming the user to be the holder of the illegal content. If the user wants to bring back computer to the normal state, he/she is required to pay the fine. Unfortunately, a lot of computer users really believe that’s paying the fine can help, because PRISM Virus perfectly manages to persuade users that the ones applying to him/her are really the legal representatives of the Department of Justice, National Security Agency of United States of America, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In spite of believing in the PRISM Virus, you should better think about how you could remove PRISM Virus out of the system.


How PRISM Virus enters the system?

To tell the truth, there are some cases how PRISM Virus gets access to the system. Pay attention to the fact that PRISM Virus is the part of Ukash virus group. All the members of this group are created to enter the computers from the particular countries and the PRISM Virus is dedicated to the US. This conclusion can be made considering the fact that PRISM Virus demonstrates the warning that is written in English. This feature connects PRISM Virus with FBI MoneyPak virus as well as FBI virus.

What are the usual symptoms of PRISM Virus?

At the moment virus is activated it starts blocking the computer by showing fake warnings. It is stated that messages come from the NSA Internet Surveilance Program (the spelling mistake is not accidental) and Computer Crime Prosecution Section. Here are the examples:

Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.

Your case can be classified as occasional/unmotivated, according to 17 (U.S. Code) §512
Thus is may be closed without prosecution.
Your computer will be unblocked automatically.
In order to resolve the situation in an above-mentioned way you should pay a fine of $300

However, user still has a chance to clear himself/herself out of the trouble by paying the fine using MoneyPak money transfer system. But it’s very pity, that paying can’t make things better and computer won’t be brought to the better state. Virus is not going to be removed from the system, so you have to take another actions for PRISM Virus to be eliminated out of the system.

How to get rid of PRISM Virus?

Truly, you are advised not to believe in fake warnings even for one second because it is advantageous for you to take actions against PRISM Virus as soon as possible. Keep in mind that PRISM Virus is not so dangerous to damage your important files in the system, but you still have to get to know how to unlock your computer immediately. For this, rely on the instructions provided below which tell that you need to install the updated anti-spyware which can erase PRISM Virus and any other threats out of the system.

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