Remove Police Nationale Virus

What is Police Nationale Virus?

Police Nationale Virus (or sometimes called Police Nationale Francaise Virus) is a french version of a popular ransomware which belongs to Ukash virus group. You should keep in mind that these dangerous infections can enter your computer without asking or getting your permission and after that, lock your PC’s system and display a huge notification about your apparent illegal actions. You shouldn’t be deceived by the fact that for the most part this fake notification seems to be provided by the National Police department. Keep in mind that similar notifications are only used in order to make you believe that you have committed some illegal action and now you have to pay the fine.

However, the only decision you have to make after being provided by this fake message is Police Nationale Francaise Virus removal.

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How Police Nationale Francaise Virus is distributed?

Considering the fact that this infection is generated by french internet schemers, in most often cases Police Nationale Virus can reach random computers in France. However, there are cases when Police Nationale Virus may also infect random computers in other countries as well. You should know that mostly Police Nationale Francaise Virus is distributed alongside with Trojan infections. Spreading similar infections together with Trojans is very beneficial because such kind of infection can infiltrate random computer when the user is not expecting it at all and after that stay unnoticed for quite a long period of time. So, in order to avoid similar infections you have to stay away from visiting any illegal websites or opening suspicious-looking spam letters. You have to never forget that any information found on the internet and provided not by a genuine source is like a potential to risk to infect your computer with some serious malware. So, you have to pay more attention to the files you download and never visit any unreliable sites.


How does Police Nationale Virus perform?

You will definitely notice about the infection because from the very first moment when Police Nationale Virus enters your computer you will be displayed with a huge notification from the Police department informing you about some illegal activity that you have made (in most often cases you can be accused of downloading some unreliable files or visiting illegal websites). The fake message provided by Police Nationale Virus may look like that:

‘Votre ordinateur a été verrouillé.
Des morceaux de musique téléchargés illégalement (piratés) ont été localizes sur votre ordinateur.
Ce btocage de l’ordinateur sert a la prévention de vos actes illégaux. Le systeme d’exploitation a ete bloque a cause de la derogation de lots de la Republique Française!

Your operating system is locked due to violation of the laws of France. Following violations were detected: This computer was used to visit websites containing pornography, child pornography, zoophilia and child abuse. […] To unlock the computer you are obliged to pay a fine of 100 euro.’

If you know french language you will notice that this false notification contains a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. In general, you shoudl keep in mind that the main purpose of such messages is to make you believe that you have actually committed some illegal activity and now if you want to avoid more serious consequences or even imprisonment you have to pay the fine. For the most part you are asked to pay a fine of 100 euros and then you should be free of any accusations. Besides that the information provided in the false message claims that your computer will be unlocked as soon as you pay the fine. However, if you agree to pay this forged fine you will definitely face even more harsh consequences that you could have anticipated. First of all, you will pay 100 euros for nothing and secondly you will reveal your user names, passwords and bank account numbers. As soon as this information will be transmitted to members of the third-party you will be left without a penny. Is that what you really want? If not then why you are still hesitating to remove Police Nationale Virus?

How to eliminate Police Nationale Virus?

Due to the complexity of this infection you shouldn’t try any manual removal instructions. Instead of that you have to download and install reliable anti-virus tool such as SpyHunter and let this real time anti-malware application to eliminate all malignant files which are running inside your computer. For more detailed instructions, look below:

Uninstall Police Nationale Virus from Windows XP:

1. Reboot your PC and then begin tapping F8 button.
2. Choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option and tap Enter key.
3. Once displayed with alert messages, click on ‘YES’ option and move to the ‘Start’ menu.
4. Open ‘RUN’ and type ‘msconfig’ in the field.
5. Click on ‘OK’ option and choose ‘Startup’ tab (under System Configuration Utility)
6. Select ‘Disable All’ option and hit ‘OK’ .
7. After that, download SpyHunter and restart your computer in normal mode.
8. Install the new anti-virus application and begin scanning your computer’s system.

Delete Police Nationale Virus from Windows 7 and Vista:

1. Firstly, restart your computer and then (when the BIOS screen is loaded up) start to tap F8 key.
2. From the list choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option (with a help of arrow keys) and tap once time on ‘Enter’ key.
3. Download and install SoyHunter.
4. Finally begin scanning your PC’s system.

Terminate Police Nationale Virus from Windows 8:

1. First of all, reboot your computer.
2. When the BIOS screen dissapears, begin tapping F8 key at the same time holding the ‘Shift’  key.
3. Choose ‘See Advanced Repair Options’ and move to ‘Troubleshoot’.
4. After that, go to ‘Advanced Options’ and select ‘Windows Startup Settings’.
5. Restart your computer once again and look for ‘Advanced Boot Option screen’.
6. Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option and after that, download SpyHunter.
7. Install this anti-virus tool and let this application to start a full system scan.

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