Remove Omiga Plus Virus

What is Omiga Plus Virus?

Omiga Plus Virus is a browser hijacker that presents you with altered search results. Like other browser hijackers, Omiga Plus Virus alters your browser settings and presents you with third party content. Using the program may lead you to unsafe websites. The offered search tool is compatible with all popular browsers and usually comes together with other freeware programs. It is similar to other applications of this type like,,, and many more. The program holds no real value therefore we recommend you delete Omiga Plus Virus and continue using a legitimate search engine.

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How does Omiga Plus Virus work?

Once Omiga Plus Virus enters your computer it will make some changes that you will not be able to stop. It will replace your default search engine and home page. You will not be able to switch them back until you terminate Omiga Plus Virus. Moreover, you will be constantly redirected to various pages promoted by the program. It will become impossible to browse the Web without these interruptions. Ads will also be a part of your browsing experience and you should be especially careful with those as the information presented in them can easily be false. If you click on one of the ads you may be redirected to a corrupted website where you could be tricked into sharing your personal details or download malware disguised as a software update onto your PC. Therefore we recommend avoiding these adverts. In addition to lowering your online security browser hijackers are also known to slow down your Internet speed.


If you are not sure how you acquired Omiga Plus Virus that is because it probably came bundled with free software. Freeware and shareware programs tend to travel with potentially unwanted applications. When you install a free program you should pay more attention to the installation process and deselect all unnecessary software. To do that you will have to choose Advanced or Custom installation.

How to remove Omiga Plus Virus from my PC?

You can use a reliable malware removal tool (e.g. Spyhunter) in order to get rid of Omiga Plus Virus. If you implement a security program it will scan your PC, detect the infection and terminate it immediately. The program will also keep your computer safe and protected in the future, so you do not have to worry about similar problems. The second option is to uninstall Omiga Plus Virus manually. You can do that if you access Control Panel and then select Add or remove programs or Uninstall a program depending on your Windows system. In this case you will also have to remove from your browsers. Instructions on how to do that are provided below.

Omiga Plus Virus removal

Delete from Internet Explorer

1. Launch IE
2. Click on Search Options by the search box
3. Select Manage Search providers
4. Remove Omiga Plus Virus

Uninstall from Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Click the icon on the left of the search box
3. Select Manage search engines
4. Pick Omiga Plus Virus
5. Click Remove and then OK

Terminate from Google Chrome

1. Open your browser
2. Click on Google Chrome menu
3. Select Tools and go to Extensions
4. Delete Omiga Plus Virus.

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