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Guide on Netcrawl Removal

Netcrawl is an intrusive program classified as adware. It displays various ads and pop-ups on your screen. The constant interruptions can not be avoided unless you have the newest version of Google Chrome as the application is compatible with all popular web browsers. Netcrawl was created by Super Web LLC, a company that is infamous for distributing potentially unwanted programs. It is similar to other adware applications such as Yula, Greener Web, Charm Savings, Offerswizzard and many more. Of course, Netcrawl is promoted as a useful tool that will help you improve website navigation.

Unfortunately, it does no such thing. The adware has absolutely no benefits and was created to make easy profit by exploiting unsuspecting computer users. We advise you delete Netcrawl from your PC.

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How does Netcrawl work?

First thing that should be discussed is the distribution method of Netcrawl. The program can not be downloaded at its official website, so it usually comes bundled with freeware and shareware which you can download from webpages like Cnet, Brothersoft and others. You should always be careful when installing such programs as more likely than not they will come with additional software. You can avoid this software if you pay more attention during the installation process. You should carefully check EULA and choose Advanced Installation whenever it is possible. That way you will be able to deselect additional applications that have nothing to do with what you originally wanted to install.

It is clear that adware programs do nothing but provide you with a variety of pop-ups, sponsored links, banners and so on. But what you should keep in mind is that the presented adverts may not all be safe. You could be presented with false information. If you end up on a corrupted webpage you could infect your system with malware. Moreover, you should also avoid various lotteries and surveys. Those may be just ploys to acquire your personally identifiable information. If you want to stay away from malware and virtual scams you should terminate Netcrawl as soon as you can.

How to remove Netcrawl?

It is not too difficult to uninstall Netcrawl or any other adware program. You can choose manual Netcrawl removal or you can use an anti-malware tool that will eliminate Netcrawl automatically. Choosing the second option has its benefits as the anti-malware application will also protect your computer from similar online infections in the future. If, however, you choose to delete Netcrawl manually you can make use of the instructions that we have provided below.

Windows XP

1.Click on Start and go to Control Panel
2.Click on Add or Remove Programs
3.Choose Netcrawl and select Remove

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1.Open Start menu and click on Control Panel
2.Select Uninstall a program
3.Right-click on Netcrawl
4.Click Uninstall

Windows 8

1.Select Search at the bottom right corner
2.Type in Control Panel and click OK
3.Follow the above steps from 2 to 4

Get rid of Netcrawl from Internet Explorer

1.Open IE and click the Gear icon
2.Select Manage Add-ons
3.Go to Toolbars and Extensions
4.Delete Netcrawl

Erase Netcrawl from Mozilla Firefox

1.Open Mozilla and press Alt+T
2.Select Add-ons and go to Extensions
3.Remove Netcrawl.

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