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What is is a search tool associated with the application SIViewer, so if you install it, or it somehow finds a way to enter your computer illegally, there are high chances that will be set as your homepage and default search tool.


This page looks like an ordinary search tool at first glance, but if you look closer at it, you might see that it contains a ton of commercial advertisements. These ads will not cause any harm to you just because they are there, but if you click on any of them, you might be redirected straight to a website with infections. It does not mean that they all promote untrustworthy pages, but you cannot know which of these advertisements you are provided with when using are harmful. Even experienced users might find it hard to recognize those ads linked to malicious pages, so we see only one solution to the problem here – the removal. If you know nothing about the removal of undesirable pages now, you will surely know what to do to delete after reading the last paragraph.

How does act? acts like a browser hijacker, i.e. it changes browsers’ settings by setting itself as a homepage, default search engine, and, most probably, the New Tab page, but we do not call it like that because users usually voluntarily install the application that promotes it from the web. Of course, we do not say that it cannot enter computers illegally. In any way, the removal should be implemented as soon as possible because it will not work as a legitimate search provider although you might see that it returns search results and works quite well. It cannot be trusted because it shows more advertisements than normal search results. It is very likely that it also tracks users to find more about their habits and interests. You cannot do anything about that, but will not bother you anymore if you get rid of it.

Why do I see on my browsers?

SIViewer is the application that promotes, so if your browsers have already been occupied by, it is a sign that it is installed on your computer. It could have entered your system bundled with other applications, or you have downloaded it from the web willingly. The second situation is not so rare. Some users think that SIViewer is a trustworthy program that can be trusted. We have to upset them – it is not true.

How can I remove

You need to uninstall as soon as possible. It will not be very easy to delete, but we are sure you will manage to take care of it. This can be done by changing all browsers’ settings manually, or scanning the computer with an automatic anti-malware/anti-spyware tool. There is probably no need to say that the automatic method is quicker and more reliable since all undesirable programs from the system are deleted all at the same time.


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