Remove MyOSProtect.exe

What is MyOSProtect.exe?

MyOSProtect.exe is categorized as an advertisement-supported program or adware helper. From this alone, the principal goal of this program becomes quite clear. It is usually installed with a program called WebProtect or Web Protect For Windows. It is obvious that MyOSProtect.exe was created to affect Windows operating system.

This adware helper and similar programs are installed alongside adware. It means that MyOSProtect.exe removal can be quite tricky, because you may need to remove several other programs as well. However, you need not worry, because instructions of how to remove MyOSProtect.exe will be provided at the end of this article.


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What does MyOSProtect.exe do?

MyOSProtect.exe is most commonly installed alongside WebProtect. Web Protect official goal is to safeguard the user’s PC from numerous security risks that the user runs into every day while browsing the Internet. However, we must warn you that this is the last program you want to entrust with your computer’s security, because it does not protect your PC from anything. On the contrary, it helps adwares to display some very questionable and suspicious content. It also often contacts and activates online advertisements by unknown third parties. All these actions help to categorize this application as an adware helper. You definitely need to eliminate MyOSProtect.exe to protect your computer from the threats it poses.

MyOSProtect.exe seems to be more dangerous and advanced than other adware helpers. It appears that MyOSProtect.exe can perform many malicious tricks. It installs new adwares, updates the ones that already reside inside your PC and manages to generate pop-ups. Our researchers noticed that MyOSProtect.exe uses infected system for BitCoin mining too. This means that MyOSProtect.exe creators use the resources of your computer to earn virtual money. Though this particular action does not cause any direct risk to your computer, it does slow down your system considerably. Your computer is used for the gain of the third parties without any possible benefit for you. This unwelcome “guest” abuses your system in all possible ways. Needless to say, if you value the safety and resources of your computer, you must delete MyOSProtect.exe.

You should also know that this program often travels with other malicious software. So if you suspect that MyOSProtect.exe is inside your computer, it is very likely that some other malware is inside too. Because of this possibility, we recommend to scan your PC with a reputable antimalware after you uninstall MyOSProtect.exe.

How to remove MyOSProtect.exe?

Since we already established that MyOSProtect.exe is useless, but very dangerous program, you should not hesitate and remove MyOSProtect.exe as quickly as possible. It uses your computer for the gain of third parties’ and puts your system at risk. Terminate MyOSProtect.exe.

MyOSProtect.exe Removal

  • Open the Task Manager and choose Processes tab.
  • Choose MyOSProtect.exe and any others suspicious programs and click End Process.
  • Press OK and move to C:\Program Files\Web Protect\.
  • Right-click MyOSProtect.exe and any others suspicious programs and click Delete.

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