Remove Lollipop.exe

What is that lollipop.exe?

A malignant file which you must remove is lollipop.exe. This executable can be used by some diseases including dangerous Trojans, adware, fake anti-malware and exploit kits. As it is clear, lollipop.exe is only a part of the problem on Windows operating system and it gives the clue that something extremely hazardous is hidden in system. When the file is being traced, you can see that its size varies very much, from 159.796K to 3.04M and is influenced by the disease which utilizes the executable. As you may have already assumed, this executable is created by cyber criminals, so you should remove lollipop.exe for the sake of your system’s security. The data related to the file and its removal guide is provided in the sections below.

What are the sources of lollipop.exe?

To tell the truth, lollipop.exe is spread by relying on reproduction procedure. However, the peculiarities of the method vary from disease to disease. Different viruses utilize this executable in distinct ways. Let’s say Exploit:Java/CVE-2013-0422 or Exploit:Win32/ShellCode.U may have added lollipop.exe to the system when Windows update was operated. Meanwhile, Win32:Dropper-gen[Drp] could have done this by downloading supplementary disease. In general, in order to avoid getting malware on system you must be always careful with what you do when you sit in front of your computer. For sample, be more attentive what information you are dealing with and do not open infected email attachments or do not download applications from sites which seem unfamiliar for you, besides, ignore the pop-ups and etc. If you wish our computer to become more safeguarded, adopt reliable software which able to investigate the system and find what must be removed, of course, not excluding lollipop.exe.

How to find where lollipop.exe is?

What has to be emphasized is the fact that you can often find it hard to trace and remove lollipop.exe. The reason is the files running alongside, capable of hiding themselves.  Nevertheless, the presented executable can still be found under %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lollipop. Despite the fact that you may somehow have managed to figure out the exact place where executable is and get rid of it, this is not the only thing you should be interested in. Additionally, you must eliminate the below listed items:

  1. Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013
  2. XP Antivirus Pro 2013
  3. Win 8 Defender 2013
  4. Vista Defender 2013
  5. Trojan.Reveton.Q
  6. Trojan.Sirefef.gen!E
  7. Trojan.CoinMiner.F
  8. Trojan.Injector.E
  9. Virus.Obfuscator.AFE
  10. HackTool:Win32/Patcher.B

How to remove lollipop.exe?

As we have previously informed you, lollipop.exe removal procedure is not the only one which you should perform. Please, pay attention to the fact that you may have quite a few malware on the system waiting for the right moment to damage your computer. Hence, as in this situation, manual removal may not help you at all, because you may not be experienced enough to find all the intruders and erase them once and for all. The actions still should be taken and we advise you to download and install the removal tool which can help you a lot. You are suggested to launch Spyhunter, scan your system, have the listing of diseases, including lollipop.exe, and delete it.

Download Removal Toolto remove Lollipop.exe

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