Remove Landespolizeidirection Virus

What is that Landespolizeidirection?

Landespolizeidirection Virus is a piece of malware categorized as ransomware because of its characteristics. The threat, which gets to the system while you are browsing corrupted websites, disables access to the system, and it is believed to have been spread by the Urausy Trojan which produces its interface according to the country in which it is launched.

It is strongly advisable to ignore the warning because it does not contain information which could be regarded as reliable. The warning bears the logo of the police in Austria and claims that you are charged with the use or distribution of copyrighted or pornographic material Please, do not believe in what written and immediately remove Landespolizeidirection virus.

How does Landespolizeidirection act?

The message shown by Landespolizeidirection virus claims that you have to pay a fine of 100 Euros in order to regain access to the system and it also shows what online money transaction services should be used. Unlike FBI Cybercrime Division Virus which demands that the users pay the money via MoneyPak, Landespolizeidirection Virus presents Ukash and Paysafecard. LandesPolizeiDirektion-virus Below you can find how the fine is introduced:

Der Betrag der Strafzahlung beläufl sich auf 100€ PaySafeCard oder Ukash.

Additionally, there are two other elements in the message to which you should pay no attention. For example, the statement below the headline Bundes Ministerium für Inneres claims that it is supported by Microsoft. Moreover, the alert contains the logo of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol. EC3 is fairly new as it started its activities on 1 January 2013. Its mission is to fight against cybercrime but the logo of the centre does not prove that you can trust the message. You are strongly advised not to trust in this tricky malware and delete Landespolizeidirection as quickly as you can.

How to remove Landespolizeidirection?

The truth is that Landespolizeidirection virus can be compared to other ransomware infections, for example, Politie Nederland Virus or Ireland’s National Police Service Virus. You can be sure that their only goal is to get your money as they operate in the same way. No matter which threat you have on your Windows operating system, you must get rid of them all. In this case, you have to perform immediate Landespolizeidirection removal. Accomplish this byusing our spyware removal tool Spyhunter.

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How to remove Landespolizeidirection?


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