Remove Kovter ransomware

What is Kovter ransomware?

Kovter ransomware is an extremely harmful computer infection that restricts access to your PC. It first appeared in May, 2014 and has been affecting computers in the US, France, Germany, UK, Italy and other countries. If your computer has been infected by this virus you will be presented with a false message claiming that you have broken copyright laws. The alert will state that you need to pay a fine in order to get access to your computer and have the charges against you dropped. Do not believe anything you read as Kovter ransomware acts in the exact same way as other ransomware programs such as FBI Virus, Homeland Security Virus, European Law Enforcement Agency Virus and many more.

Ransomware is created for the sole purpose of scamming people into paying the cyber criminals. Kovter ransomware does not have any affiliations with government. If your computer has been infected you should delete Kovter ransomware as soon as you can.

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How does Kovter ransomware work?

Kovter ransomware works in a very similar way to other programs of this type. Once it enters your computer system it restricts access to your PC and displays an alert that states you have been viewing or distributing files illegally. It goes on to say that you can either pay the fine via an online money transfer system or face legal consequences. None of this is true and the only ones who will be getting money if you choose to transfer it will be the cyber criminals. Moreover, the access to your computer will not be regained by doing so. Therefore we urge not to follow any of the instructions the Virus provides you with.


One new feature that separates Kovter ransomware from other similar programs is that it is capable of searching through user’s browsing history and locating inappropriate or illegal webpages that they visit. If you visit those pages the Virus will prompt you with a fake alert that lists the website(-s) as well as your other private data like the IP address. The false message claims to be coming from a government facility that is named based on your location. This is just another way of making the Virus appear more realistic and scare people into paying the ransom. Still you should not be tricked by these tactics. What you should do is use a malware removal program and get rid of Kovter ransomware for good.

How to remove Kovter ransomware?

The only way to uninstall Kovter ransomware or any other ransomware program is by downloading and installing a powerful anti-malware tool (e.g. Spyhunter) that will eliminate Kovter automatically. It will scan your PC, detect all infections and remove them. You will also be safe in the future as the program will protect your system from similar threats. In order to get access to the Internet and download the ransomware removal tool you will have to follow the instructions provided below.

Kovter ransomware removal

Windows XP

1. Restart your computer
2. Start tapping F8 after BIOS screen disappears
3. Choose Safe mode with Networking
4. Press Enter then YES
5. Click on Start and then Run
6. Type in msconfig and click OK
7. On Startup tab click Disable all
8. Click OK and restart your PC
9. Open your browser
10. Download the anti-malware tool

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1. Restart your PC
2. Start tapping F8 once BIOS screen disappears
3. Select Safe mode with Networking
4. Press Enter
5. Open your browser
6. Download the malware removal program

Windows 8

1. Press the Windows key
2. Open Internet Explorer
3. Download the malware removal tool

Download Removal Toolto remove Kovter ransomware

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