Remove Knctr (Guide on Knctr Removal)

What is Knctr?

Knctr is described as potentially unwanted program created by Itibiti Inc. The credibility of this application is very doubtful because it can not only reach your computer secretly bundled with other applications but also implement some unexpected and undesirable changes. Even though this application is not treated as the most dangerous infection, however, as it can monitor some your private information and then transmit the accumulated data to unauthorized members of the third-party, there are no doubts left that you have to delete Knctr as soon as possible.

How can Knctr enter your computer?

One of the most popular ways for all potentially unwanted applications to enter random computers is via the ‘bundling’ method and Knctr is no exception. This unreliable method to spread unwanted applications is very convenient because you may never even suspect that any file or program that you are about to download can have some additional and undesirable files as well.

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That’s why it is extremely important to select only those files that are provided by genuine websites. Besides that you always have to pick either Advanced or Custom installation option because it can help you to spot any unwanted additional options that have to be deselected. So, if you don’t have any reliable anti-malware tool that would help you to protect your computer from unexpected infections than the security of your computer’s system is only in your hands. However, you can also download this additional application by yourself from the official website but we really doubt if Knctr can reach your computer in such way, because we guess that no one wants to risk about any potentially undesirable application.

Why it is recommended to remove Knctr?

Even though Knctr is advertised as a useful tool that should help you to make some phone calls to the USA or Canada without paying any charge, we guess that sometimes it is better to pay for your calls rather than face severe inconveniences provided by this potentially unwanted application. The trick about Knctr and other similar possibly unwanted applications is that they are promoted it a very attractive way. We guess that you wouldn’t mind to make some phone calls for for free but why then there is no information that Knctr can also provide you some potentially dangerous notifications, redirect to possibly harmful websites or even hijack your personal data like user names, credit card numbers and passwords. There is no reason to be fooled by similar applications and cyber criminals who are trying to distribute these programs in all possible ways. Due to the fact that Knctr can act on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 there is no chance that you may evade this infection. However, there is one solution that you can choose right now. It is Knctr removal procedure.

Despite different opinions about this additional program we think that there is no need to risk so much just for a few free calls (which, by the way, may not work as well). So, the sooner you uninstall Knctr the better it will be. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to perform the elimination process until you close the Knctr:

1. Click on ‘drop-down arrow’ (it is placed at the bottom right-corner) and search for the icon of Knctr.
2. Choose it and select ‘Shutdown’ option.

Now you can uninstall Knctr

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Control Panel’
2. Navigate to ‘Uninstall a Program’ section and after that click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or ‘Uninstall a Program’ option
3. Look for Knctr (or any other unwanted applications) and remove them by clicking on ‘Uninstall’ option
4. Finally, click on ‘OK’

After the manual removal procedure, it is recommended to scan your computer’s system with reliable anti-apyware application such as Spyhunter because you may never know if manual removal process was successful enough to eliminate all malignant files that have been running inside your computer’s system.

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