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Jollywallet Removal Tips

Jollywallet is an application connected with online shopping that promises you to get your money back by automatically displaying cash back offers when you are shopping online. However, Jollywallet is just a potentially unwanted adware program that may disturb your work with various annoying advertisements, coupons or other special offers. Jollywallet is not a virus, but besides all the annoying pop-ups and advertisements you can also find it having a number of malignant features. So, once you notice any infection signs of this PUP, you have to remove Jollywallet from your computer.

How can you notice that your computer is infected by Jollywallet?

Jollywallet can reach your computer in several ways. First of all, you can visit the official Jollywallet’s webpage and download Jollywallet application into your computer. However, this is not a common thing because nobody wants to be intentionally disturbed by various advertisements. That’s why cyber criminals have created another invisible way that helps Jollywallet reach your computer when you are not expecting it at all. Most of the times Jollywallet comes bundled with free programs that you can download from the internet. So, if you want to protect your computer against the infection or secure your personal data and money, you should always be more attentive while installing anything and deselect all the files that you don’t need. If you already have the presented intruder, get rid of it. We suggest you to delete Jollywallet once and for all.

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Why do I have to get rid of Jollywallet?

To reveal, Jollywallet can be extremely irritating, so it would be great if you terminate its operation on your Windows operating system. The most common sign of Jollywallet’s infection is that you are constantly attacked by a huge amount of various advertisements and pop-ups. Moreover, once Jollywallet is installed into your computer, you can notice some changes on your browsers. Jollywalled installs add-ons on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Apart from add-ons on your browser you will also notice a new small button that has a wallet on it. Once you press this button, you will be displayed with additional information about Jollywallet and some special offers to get your money back, such as:

‘Great, you will receive 6.00% cash back when buying now on this site’

‘Click here to get 3.00% Cash back on this site’

However, you shouldn’t trust any special and cash back offers that this application can provide you with and just simply eliminate this potentially unwanted program from your computer. Jollywallet may also inform you about various updates that you have to make to your computer. However, don’t be fooled by cyber criminals and just simply operate immediate Jollywallet removal.


How to remove Jollywallet?

Once you decided to remove this potentially unwanted program from your computer, we provide you the main instructions. If you are skilled enough, you can try to delete Jollywallet from your computer in a manual way. To do that, you have to reset your browsers.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer – click the gear icon.
  • Here, you should go to the Advanced tab – click the Reset button.
  • Go to the Reset Internet Explorer settings – then click on Reset option.
  • Finally you should click CloseOK.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox – then go to the Help section
  • Then you should move to Troubleshooting Information – choose Reset Firefox – press Finish.

For Google Chrome:

  • Click the Chrome menu button on Google Chrome browser.
  • Then you have to select Tools – go to Extensions.
  • Here you should search for Jollywallet or other unwanted extensions – remove them by clicking Recycle Bin.

However, all manual ways to remove unwanted programs are not very safe because you can just simply omit and leave additional malicious installs in your computer. That’s why we are recommending you to download reliable anti-spyware program SpyHunter or other reputable anti-malware application.

SpyHunter or another reliable anti-malware program is able to completely eliminate Jollywallet from Windows system and also protect it against other tricky and untrustworthy programs.

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