Remove is not a reliable search engine you should trust to browse the web and find useful information. In fact, this is a browser hijacker which can initiate abrupt redirecting, adware attacks and other disruptive activity. It is most notable that this hijacker supports third-party search tools, including,, and Even though these search tools may be or seem reliable, you should not use them until is deleted from all affected browsers. If you do not remove the infection, your virtual security could be jeopardized soon enough.


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If you believe that, published by SkyTouch Tehcnologies, is an authentic and reliable tool, you need to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy. You can find the link to this document at the bottom of the truly suspicious search engine. It is essential to pay attention to statements like this one:

If you access a third party website via the KeyFind Software, you do so at your own risk, and you understand that this Privacy Policy does not apply to your use of such destinations.

The advertisements which may be displayed with the help of present the services of third parties. The search results which you will find after typing the search keywords into the undesirable default search engine, also present third party services. Needless to say, the browser hijacker is unreliable and should be removed from the system without further hesitation. You should also delete wprotectmanager.exe, SupTab, Desk-365, IETabPage Class, Quick Start, and other undesirable applications which may be installed together with the hijacker. Note that Quick Start is a browser plugin which may be installed onto your browsers to change the ‘new tab’ settings on all browsers. Even though the comes from the same family of browser hijacker as,, or, Quick Start is a new feature.

You should not postpone removal for any longer. This browser hijacker has corrupted your web browsers illegally, and its activity is highly unpredictable and intrusive. If you keep the infection on your PC, you will not be able to browse the web risk-free. The hijacker can create unauthorized connections to the web and initiate malignant activity. Furthermore, it can assist the silent installation of other potentially dangerous plugins and applications. Less experienced computers users are recommended to install authentic Windows security software to have all malignant programs and files deleted automatically. Note that after the successful removal, you will need to change the home page and search provider settings. You can use the guides below to perform this operation. If you wish to proceed with the manual removal, begin by changing the Target.

How to delete hijacker?

Change the Target

  1. Find the affected IE/Firefox/Chrome shortcut and righbt-click it.
  2. Select Properties, then click the Shortcut tab and navigate to the Target.
  3. The line should end with iexplore.exe”/firefox.exe”/chrome.exe”. Remove any additional text.
  4. Click OK, then launch the browser and change the undesirable search settings..

Make sure that you perform these steps on all affected browser shortcuts. Firstly check those shortcuts that you use most often – ones pinned to the Task Bar, found on desktop or Start Menu. Download Removal Toolto remove



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