Remove Interpol virus

What is Interpol Virus?

Interpol Virus is quite a recent version of new ransomaware provided by Ukash viruses. Even if all the viruses provided by Ukash group are transmitted by different Trojans they act almost the same. As soon as Interpol Virus reaches your computer, it locks all the system and displays a huge notification informing that you have done particularly illegal action (such as downloading any illegal program or visiting unreliable website). The fake alert also informs that if you want to unlock your computer, you have to pay a particular amount of money. However, don’t trust in any similar notifications, don’t help internet scams to get even richer and remove Interpol Virus from your computer right now.

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How can Interpol Virus reach your computer?

Interpol Virus can easily enter your computer if you open the infected spam letter or download any file or program that have a bundled Interpol Virus. Because of that, it is essential to stay away from any suspicious-looking emails and download only those applications that you can trust. Moreover, we don’t recommend you to perform any fake updates and avoid visiting any illegal and unreliable webpages. Be aware, that Interpol Virus is very sneaky and there are a lot of ways in which it can enter your computer. So, it is only you who is responsible for the safety of your computer. You should know that Interpol Virus is just another type of virus that pretends to be distributed by legal security authorities. However, all of them are created just to make you believe that it’s a real warning from the legal authorities. Hence, don’t be fooled by internet scams and better delete Interpol Virus now.


Why should I uninstall Interpol virus?

So, as you can already see, Interpol Virus is not a joke. It’s not just an unwanted application that you can easily remove from your computer. As soon as Interpol Virus reaches your computer, it blocks all the system and you cannot do much about it. When you computer system is blocked, you are displayed with a false notification from Interpol that you have committed some illegal action and because of that you have to pay a fine which is quite high. However, if you obey to the orders of this false notification you will be in more trouble than. Cyber criminals will know your credit card numbers and other data that can help them to empty all your bank accounts.

How to remove Interpol Virus?

Despite that fact that this ransomware can enter your computer very easily, but Interpol virus removal process can be rather difficult. However, if you want to completely eliminate this infection from your computer, unlock your computer’s system and enjoy safe work again, you should follow our suggestions. Due to fact that Interpol Virus is very serious computer infection, the only way to eliminate it from your computer is to download a reliable anti-spyware application SpyHunter or other reputable anti-malware tool.

The removal stages may differ:

For Windows XP:

1. Restart your infected computer and wait until the BIOS screen appears.
2. After that, tap the F8.
3. Here choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ (with up/down arrow key) and press ‘Enter’.
4. Once the dialog box appears, click on ‘Yes’.
5. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Run’.
6. Here you should type ‘msconfig’ and then click ‘OK’
7. Now you have to open the ‘Startup’ tab, check all the entries and then click on ‘Apply’.
8. Another step is to download SpyHunter and restart your computer once again.
9. Finally, install the program and let SpyHunter to run a full system scan in order to detect and eliminate Interpol Virus.

For Windows Vista and 7:

1. First of all, restart your computer.
2. Once the BIOS splash screen opens, tap F8 for several times.
3. Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ (with arrow keys) and click on ‘Enter’.
4. Download SpyHunter, perform the installation process and run a full system scan.

For Windows 8:

1. Firstly, press the Windows key (on the keyboard)
2. Open any browser that are installed in your computer and download SpyHunter.
3. Install the downloaded program and run a full system scan to get rid of ransomware.

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