Remove GreatSave4u

What is GreatSave4u?

GreatSave4u is an ad-supported program promoted as a browser add-on that you can use if you want to save money while shopping online. It is stated that the program will make it easy for you to check whether something you are interested in is on sale. That promotion can be found on the official website of GreatSave4u. One small problem with it is the fact that you can not download the program from this page. The only way to actually acquire the so-called add-on is by installing freeware that it comes bundled with.

That already is very suspicious as this method of distribution is beloved by various unwanted programs like adware, browser hijackers and more. If you accidentally installed this adware you should remove GreatSave4u as soon as you can.

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How does GreatSave4u work?

GreatSave4u acts in a very similar way to other adware programs such as NewSaver, Yula, 50Coupons, BitSaver and many more. Adware programs like these usually come bundled together with freeware and most of the time the computer user does not even notice that it has been installed on his PC. If you download software from freeware or shareware sites you should be especially careful and check the installation information attentively. You can also choose Custom Installation and deselect all unfamiliar applications.


Once GreatSave4u gets installed on your PC you will start noticing more and more advertisements in all of your browsers. Ads, banners, pop-ups, sponsored links and in-text ads will become a huge part of your browsing. The links provided by GreatSave4u should not be trusted. They may redirect you to potentially dangerous websites with unreliable or offensive data. A lot of the time the ads are simply fake and you may end up losing your money to cyber criminals.

Do not allow adware disrupt your browsing sessions and delete GreatSave4u as soon as you can. Keep reading to find out how.

How to uninstall GreatSave4u?

It is possible to terminate GreatSave4u manually or automatically. We always recommend automatic removal as it is more reliable. You should also choose this option if you think there might be other potentially unwanted programs on your PC. If you choose to download and install an anti-malware tool it will detect and eliminate the adware and all associated files. It will also protect your system in the future. However, if you choose manual removal, you will have to access Control Panel and delete GreatSave4u via Uninstall a program or Add or remove programs in Windows XP. Keep in mind that whichever way you choose to go it is also necessary to erase the adware from your browsers afterwards. You will find instructions on how to do that below this article.

GreatSave4u removal

Terminate GreatSave4u from Internet Explorer

1. Open IE and click on Tools
2. Select Manage Add-ons
3. Here select GreatSave4u and remove it

Erase GreatSave4u from Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Click on the menu on the right
3. Select Add-ons
4. In Toolbars and Extensions disable GreatSave4u

Get rid of GreatSave4u from Google Chrome

1. Launch your browser
2. Press Alt+F
3. Click Tools and then Extensions
4. Click on the recycle bin icon and remove GreatSave4u

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