Remove Gosavenow Ads

What is Gosavenow Ads?

If you see Gosavenow Ads in your browser, it means that you have an adware application on your system. GoSaveNow is a browser add-on that displays various ads, banners, coupons and pop-ups on your screen. The program has an official website where it is described as a tool that will help you “compare between available deals and promotions” and choose the best one.

Unfortunately, the adware will also display commercial data that has nothing to do with your interests or the page that you are visiting. The main purpose of the application is to promote its sponsors’ websites. We recommend that you get rid of Gosavenow Ads and thus return to uninterrupted Internet surfing.


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How does Gosavenow work?

Gosavenow works on all popular web browsers. It does not matter which one of them you use, you will see the various pop-ups, banners, in-text ads, video commercials and so on appear on your screen. The advertisements that you see are not reviewed by the program and that means you could be exposed to misleading information. Do not trust any commercial data that is provided to you by the adware. If you want to keep your system infection-free and your private data safe, you should eliminate Gosavenow Ads from your browsers. Ignoring the adverts is not a solution as you could infect your PC even by clicking on them accidentally.

If you want to prevent programs like Gosavenow getting access to your computer in the future, you should be more careful with your freeware installations. Free third party software often comes bundled with potentially unwanted applications. If you do not un-check them during the installation process, they enter your PC without your notice. Next time you install shareware, choose Advanced or Custom option and select the additional unnecessary applications.

How to delete Gosavenow Ads?

In order to remove Gosavenow Ads from your browsers, you need to uninstall the adware from your system. Luckily, the ad-supported program is not malicious and you should not have any difficulties with its removal. You can delete Gosavenow Ads manually or you can use a malware removal tool. If you go for the first option, you can use the instructions provided in the manual removal guide below. When you complete the first step the extension will be removed from Internet Explorer automatically, but you still have to eliminate it from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

We would, however, advise you to consider automatic removal, because it is a far more reliable solution. If you download and install the anti-malware utility, you will be able to scan your PC and detect all infections that may be on it. You will then be able to use the application to terminate Gosavenow Ads and other potential threats. Moreover, it will also keep your computer safe and clean in the future.

Guide on Gosavenow Ads Removal

Uninstall Gosavenow from Windows:

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Gosavenow → Remove

Windows 8/7 and Vista

  • Settings/Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Gosavenow → Uninstall

Remove Gosavenow Ads from browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

  • Mozilla menu → Add-ons → Extensions → Gosavenow → Remove

Google Chrome

  • Chrome menu → Tools → Extensions → Gosavenow → Trash can icon → Remove.

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