Remove FunMoods Toolbar

What is FunMoods Toolbar?

FunMoods Toolbar can be categorized as browser extension or an adware and once it reaches your computer, you won’t be able to perform your browsing activities in a normal way. First of all, this browser extension seems to be quite attractive because it attaches additional extension to your toolbar in which you can find funny animations that can talk and cheer you up. However, you won’t be so happy when you will find out that this adware can also monitor all your searching activities and accumulate information about your search results. You should know that this adware can enter your computer illegally when your are not expecting it at all.

So, how can your trust any program that reaches your computer without a permission, modifies your browsers and observes your activities? There shouldn’t be no doubts that it is better to remove FunMoods Toolbar from your computer as soon as possible.

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How can FunMoods Toolbar enter your computer?

That’s not enough to stay away from the official website of FunMoods Toolbar and protect your computer from the infection. You should know that this adware can reach your computer bundled together with a lot of free programs that you download from the internet (such as PDF creators, video players and other). Because of that, you always have to download only those files that are reliable. Moreover, when you download any free software you have to perform the installation procedure very attentively.


You should know that cyber criminals may bundle any potentially unwanted application with most of the programs that are easily downloadable from the internet. However, if you are attentive enough you can deselect all unwanted applications or even cancel the main installation procedure. So, be aware that the safety of your computer is your hands.

How FunMoods Toolbar performs?

Once FunMoods Toolbar enters your computer, it starts to change the settings of your browser. You will notice that this adware installs supplementary search box and changes your default home page. Moreover, if you use FunMoods as your new search engine it may provide inaccurate search results or redirect you to potentially malicious webpages that are basically connected with various advertisements. Besides that, your browsing activities will be continually interrupted by tons of various advertisements, pop-ups and notifications. If that’s not enough, your computer will become slower than usual. So, as you can see FunMoods Toolbar is not so desirable and effective browser extension as you think. Don’t be trapped by various descriptions of this browser extension that promise you:

‘Cool Animations for Facebook chat, wall posts, emails and messages. Additional sites and social networks may be added’ or ‘A toolbar, that allows you to chat on Facebook directly from the toolbar, insert animations into emails’. 

All these appealing words are simply created to mislead you to think that FunMoods Toolbar will help you improve your browsing activities. However, this browser can bring you more damage than benefit, that’s why we recommend you to delete FunMoods Toolbar from your computer right now.

FunMoods Toolbar removal

You can try to remove this adware in a manual way, but be aware that sometimes only a manual removal procedure is not sufficient. In most often cases, any unwanted application installs some additional files that can be omitted during the manual removal process. Because of this reason we are recommending you to download and install reputable anti virus tool SpyHunter. You can be sure that this reliable application will not help you to get rid of FunMoods Toolbar, but also safeguard your computer from any other malicious threats or unwanted applications.

How to uninstall FunMoods Toolbar

Internet Explorer:

1. First of all, open the browser and then go to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. Now select ‘Options’.
3. Navigate to ‘Change search results’ (on General tab) and after that click on ‘Settings’.
4. When you are displayed with a list of search providers, select a new one and click on ‘Set as default’.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open the browser and click the ‘arrow down’ (on the Google’s Search box and beside the logo).
2. Now choose ‘Manage Search Engine’.
3. Select new default search provider and click on ‘Move up’.
4. Remove unwanted search engine.

Google Chrome:

1. Firstly, open the browser and click on the Wrench icon (top right corner).
2. When you are provided with a list, select ‘Settings’.
3. Now choose ‘Basics’ and click on ‘Manage search engines’ (under search engines area).
4. Click on desirable search engine and click ‘Make default’.
5. Finally remove Funmoods search provider from the list.

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