Remove Findwide Search

What is Findwide Search?

Findwide Search is a browser hijacker. It is compatible with all popular browsers. It may pose as a useful search engine, but it is not. It enters your computer system and alters your browser settings. It will also show you a ton of unwanted advertisements and pop-ups. We do not recommend keeping Findwide Search on your computer as to prevent possible security risks and make sure that you are not bothered with unnecessary and useless advertising messages. It is advisable to delete Findwide Search as soon as possible.

How does Findwide Search work?

It is possible to acquire Findwide Search via its official website But most of the time you get stuck with Findwide Search if you download freeware from the Internet and skip through the installation process without checking what else you are installing. In order to avoid browser hijackers and other unwanted applications accessing your computer you should read all installation information and choose Custom Installation whenever it is possible so you can deselect the unnecessary programs.

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The official website suggests to download Toolbar to better your browsing activity. Once Findwide Search gets access to your system it will change your default search engine and homepage to Findwide Search will redirect you to its official page for no apparent reason. It has also been stated that it is extremely difficult to get rid of Findwide Search manually.

If you do acquire the full version of Toolbar in addition to the actions already mentioned above it will provide you with more ads and sponsored links than you need. The Findwide Search shows you all sorts of widgets and other applications that will decrease your system speed. It may also collect your browsing history in order to create personalized adverts. The links provided may or may not be safe. If you do not wish to risk your computer security you should uninstall Findwide Search from your PC as soon as possible.

Findwide Search Removal

If you want to get rid of Findwide Search manually you can use the instructions provided below. However, it is always better to use an anti-spyware tool in order to remove a browser hijacker or any other kind of unwanted program. We recommend using SpyHunter as it has proven to be one of the most reliable malware removal tools. It will safely eliminate Findwide Search and all of its components from your PC and scan it for other threats. SpyHunter will also protect you computer system from future attacks so you can browse the web swiftly and securely.

The removal procedure:

Windows XP/ Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel
2. Select Add or Remove Programs/Uninstall a Program
3. Choose Findwide Search
4. Click Uninstall

Windows 8

1. Select Search at the bottom right corner
2. Type in Control Panel and click OK
3. Click Uninstall a program
4. Right-click on Findwide Search
5. Select Uninstall

Terminate Findwide Search from browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tools
2. Select Internet Options and then Advanced
3. Click the Reset button
4. Check the Reset box
5. Click Close

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on Help
2. Select Troubleshooting Information
3. Click Reset Firefox a few times
4. Click on Finish

Google Chrome

1. Click on Google Chrome menu
2. Select Tools and go to Extensions
3. Remove Findwide Search
4. Click Settings
5. Choose Open a specific page or set of pages in the On Startup section
6. Click on Set pages
7. Set a new homepage
8. Click on Manage search engine under Search
9. Set a new default search engine

Download Removal Toolto remove Findwide Search


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