What is is a page classified as a browser hijacker. If it enters your computer system it can alter your browser settings and fill it with various advertisements. is compatible with all browsers and that means you will not be able to avoid even if you switch from one Web browser to another. The hijacker is quite similar to other programs of this kind like,,, and many more. has no positive features and keeping it on your computer will only slow down your Internet speed and expose you to unwanted and potentially harmful content. You should delete from your PC.

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What does do?

One of the main features of is its ability to take over your browsers and change their settings. The program can alter your default search provider and home page. It is also very capable of redirecting you to unfamiliar pages while you are browsing the Web. The reason it does that is to generate traffic for a specific website. This is how the developers of the hijacker make money.


Another thing that the hijacker does is providing you with various commercial adverts. You will see banners, pop-ups and sponsored links no matter which site you visit. However, we strongly recommend against clicking on these links. The pages you will be redirected to may contain false information. You could be tricked into sharing your personal details which could later be used by third parties. It is also possible that you will land on a webpage that distributed malware disguised as legitimate software. And if you download malware onto your PC it will cause a lot more damage than So, if you want to keep your system safe and stay away from corrupted pages you should terminate as soon as you can.

How to remove

Keeping browser hijackers on your computer is never a good idea. They change you settings without your permission, redirect you to unfamiliar pages, slow down you Internet speed and usually record your browsing activity. If you do not want to deal with any of these inconveniences you should eliminate To do that you can choose one of the following suggestions. You can delete the program manually if you access Control Panel and then select Add or remove programs or Uninstall a program. Or you can use a malware removal utility to uninstall automatically. The security tool will scan your PC, detect the threat and remove it. Please note that you will also have to reset your browsers no matter which option you choose. Removal

Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tools -> Internet Options
2. Select Advanced tab
3. Click Reset
4. Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
5. Select Delete personal settings
6. Click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

1. Press Alt+H
2. Select Troubleshooting Information
3. Click on Reset Firefox
4. Confirm your action
5. Click Finish

Google Chrome

1. Press Alt+F
2. Select Settings
3. Click on Show Advanced Settings
4. Open Reset browser settings
5. Click Reset.

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