Remove FBI Lock malware on Android

Remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone (Removal Guide)

Recently a ransomware program called FBI Lock has appeared on mobiles phones. Ransomware is type of a malicious application that was created in order to scam people into transferring their money to cyber criminals. This infection has been affecting computers for some time now. Once it enters a computer system, it locks it down and presents the computer user with fake notification that claims to have come from a certain government facility. The message usually accuses the user of committing a crime related to copyright laws and states that he needs to pay a fine in order to regain access to the PC and have the charges against him dropped.

The so-called fine may vary from tens to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The money should be transferred via one of the online money transfer systems. However, it is possible to unlock the computer and get rid of the infections without having to pay the cyber crooks.

FBI Lock 3

The most well-know ransomware that blocks access to the PC is Reveton. Another malware named CryptoLocker works in a similar manner to Reveton. There are, however, a couple of differences. The malicious application does not lock the computer screen right away or claim that the user has committed a crime. Instead, it encrypts his files and presents him with a message that if he wants to regain access to them, he has to pay a fee. Although there is no reason to trust the cyber criminals and think that they may actually follow through on their promises, a lot of computer users still make the payment. It is not surprising then that in order to increase the number of their targets and make even more money, the cyber criminals are now attacking mobile devices as well.

FBI Lock 4

FBILock, also known as Andr/FBILock-A, enters your smartphone disguised as a Flash Player. Once you open the fake app, you will see a request to become a Device Administrator. Regardless of whether you agree to it or not, as soon as the application launches you will be presented with a fake message stating that your device has been blocked, because you have broken Copyright and Related Rights Law. After you click on “Proceed”, you will see another message explaining how much money you need to transfer and how to do it. There is nothing else you can do with your phone as the application keeps reappearing. However, you should not be worried, because there is a way to get rid of this infection without paying the cyber criminals.

How to remove FBILock?

Step 1. Reboot your device in Safe Mode. In order to do that, you need to hold down the Power button, then press and hold Power Off and select OK at the Reboot to Safe Mode dialog box. Once you access Safe Mode, applications that you have installed will stop running, so FBILock will not be able to escape removal.

Uninstall 1

Step 2. Go to Settings and choose Security. Then select Device administrators.

Uninstall 2

Step 3. Once you access the Device administrators page, choose the FBILock app (that will appear as Flash Player) and tap Deactivate.

Uninstall 3

Step 4. Go back to Settings and move to Apps page. Select the malicious application and tap Uninstall.

Uninstall 4

Step 5.  Additionally, you can go back to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrator and turn off Unknown sources.

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