Remove Fast Start

What is Fast Start?

Fast Start is a potentially unwanted program that is linked to various browser hijackers. Fast Start is identical to Quick Start, the only difference between the applications is that Quick Start is the name used in Google Chrome whereas Fast Start usually only works on Mozilla Firefox. Both of these programs were created by It is most likely that Fast Start has entered your computer system along with some freeware or shareware application. In most cases if you have installed Fast Start you are also very likely to have added a browser hijacker like, or to your PC as well. You do not need any of these programs on your computer which is why you should delete Fast Start along with other potentially unwanted software you may have acquired.Download Removal Toolto remove Fast Start

How does Fast Start work?

As it has already been mentioned above, Fast Start usually comes bundled with freeware. The website that is supposed to be the main page of the application ( does not offer a download link. Moreover, once Fast Start enters the system it is usually accompanied by browser hijackers. If your home page and default search engine have been automatically modified it means that you also have a browser hijacker in your system. Browser hijackers are created for the same purpose as Fast Start: to promote various webpages and thus make profit. They are nothing but a bother to the computer user.

Fast Start itself is advertised as a helpful application that will improve your browsing experience by providing you with quick access buttons. It does display these button in your browser, however, we would advise against actually clicking on them. You could be redirected to an unsafe page or giving your personal browsing information to third parties. We suggest you eliminate Fast Start from your PC and thus improve your Internet safety.

How to remove Fast Start?

The fastest and most reliable solution to Fast Start removal would be to implement a powerful anti-malware tool. We recommend this option especially if the software came bundled with browser hijackers. The malware removal utility will scan your computer and detect all unwanted programs. It will then eliminate Fast Start along with them. If, however, you want to uninstall Fast Start manually you can use the instructions provided below this article. Please note that you only need to reset your browsers if your computer has been infected with a browser hijacker.

Download Removal Toolto remove Fast Start

Fast Start removal

Remove Fast Start from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla and tap Ctrl+Shift+A
  2. Go to Extensions and delete Fast Start

Delete unwanted programs from Windows

  1. Access Control Panel via Start or Search
  2. Click Add or remove programs or Uninstall a program
  3. Select the unwanted app and click Remove/Uninstall

Reset your browsers (if you have a browser hijacker)

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the Gear icon
  2. Go to Internet Options
  3. On the Advanced tab click Reset
  4. Select Reset Internet Explorer settings
  5. Click on Delete personal settings
  6. Click Reset once more

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+H
  2. Click Troubleshooting Information
  3. Select Reset Firefox
  4. Click Reset once again
  5. Click Finish

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the menu and then Settings
  2. Select Show advanced settings
  3. Click Reset browser settings
  4. Click Reset one more time


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