How to Remove Homepage ? (EticoSearch Removal Help)

 What is EticoSearch?

EticoSearch is a browser hijacker which originally belongs to Veristaff. Com Ltd. Despite all attempts to advertise and promote this additional application as a useful tool, you have to know that EticoSearch acts more like an intrusive application rather than a useful program which shoudl help you to perform your searching and browsing activities in a more efficient way. Considering the fact that EticoSearch is compatible with all the most popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it means that if your computer is already infected, the only think you should think about is EticoSearch removal.


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How can EticoSearch appear on PC?

In most often cases this browser hijacker is being distributed with freeware or shareware files that you can download inside your computer without paying anything. However, it is possible to claim that each free application may have its own price anyway. It means that every time when you decide to download and install any new program you are also facing a high risk of infecting your computer with any unexpected infection. So, it means that you shouldn’t irrationally select all the files but pay more attention if they are provided from the legal sources or distributed by members of the third-party. In addition, you also have to concentrate more on the installation procedure as well with selecting Advanced or Custom option and searching for additional applications which you should deselect.

Why it is recommended to eliminate EticoSearch?

From the very first moment when this adware enters your computer’s system, it takes over your home page and search provider and changes them into EticoSearch. So, if you use a new start page and search engine in order to manage your searching activities you will soon notice that you are provided with inaccurate search results. Moreover, you can also be attacked with a huge amount of various notifications. It means that as soon as you open your browser and begin your browsing sessions you will be flooded with various messages that may seem to appear out of nowhere. No matter how reliable they can look but we don’t recommend you to click on any of them.

Remember that such irresponsible click can not only redirect you to other webpages but also open the gates for any infection to come inside your computer. Moreover, you should take into consideration the possibility that all your browsing and searching sessions might be supervised as well. At the beginning, cyber criminals may be interested only in your browsing habits. However, later they can create a way to hijack your personal information too. So, in order to escape the possibility to loose your personal information (as well as any other unpleasant side effects) we are recommending you to terminate EticoSearch right now.

How to uninstall EticoSearch?

Firstly, we recommend you to delete EticoSearch in a manual way:

  1. Open the ‘Start’ menu (by clicking on the ‘Start’ icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen).
  2. After that, choose ‘Control Panel’ section and move to ‘Uninstall a program’ or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ section.
  3. Now you have to look for all suspicious applications which must be removed while clicking on ‘Uninstall’ option.
  4. Finally, choose ‘Uninstall’ and ‘OK’ ( in order to save the changes you have made).

After that, it’s about time to fix your browsers and get rid of EticoSearch from all of them as well:

Internet Explorer

  1. When the browser is opened, choose the ‘Gear’ icon.
  2. Move to ‘Manage Add-ons’ section and search for and eliminate all unfamiliar entries.
  3. Click on the ‘Gear’ icon for the second time but now move to ‘Internet options’ section and then remove the existing home page.
  4. Choose the ‘Gear’ icon again and then move to ‘Manage Add-ons’.
  5. After that, select ‘Search Providers’ and choose your new search engine.

Google Chrome

  1. First of all, open the browser and select the menu icon (at the top-right corner of the screen).
  2. Now go to the ‘Tools’ section and then move to ‘Extensions’ (here you must remove the unwanted entries).
  3. After that, go to the ‘Settings’ section and then choose ‘set pages’ (under ‘On startup’) (here you have to remove EticoSearch with a help of the ‘X’ option).
  4. Hit the ‘Settings’ section once again but this time choose ‘Search’.
  5. After that, select ‘Manage Search Engines…’ and then type in new default search provider.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the browser and choose the menu icon (it is placed at the top-right corner).
  2. Move to ‘Add-ons’ and then choose ‘Extensions’ (here you have to delete unnecessary entries).
  3. After that, hit the menu icon again but now select ‘Options’ (now you have to choose a new default home page).
  4. Click once the menu icon and move to ‘question mark’ icon (here you have to select ‘Troubleshooting Information’ and hit ‘Reset Firefox’ option).

After you perform all the manual removal steps we are recommending you to scan your computer with a safe anti-virus application such as SpyHunter. You have to keep in mind that infections of various browser hijackers are very cunning because if you leave at least the smallest malignant file inside your computer after a manual removal process, you may never know when it can restore and hit your PC even with a higher strength. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations we recommend you to download the latest version of reliable anti virus program right now and forget what it means to be another victim of cyber criminals.Download Removal Toolto remove Eticosearch


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