What is is a malignant website that displays false information in your browser. It claims that your computer has been infected by a virus and that you need to contact Tech Support in order to deal with the problem. Do not be fooled by this fake alert as it is not at all true. is just a virtual scam that the cyber criminals use to make easy profit. The pop-up can appear in any of your browsers and if you constantly see it this means that your computer has been infected by a potentially unwanted program.

You do not need to panic as unwanted programs can not cause a lot of damage on their own, but should still be removed from your PC. That is why we recommend to delete related program.

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How does work?

As it has already been mentioned, the reason you see is because your PC is infected by an unwanted program, most probably adware. If that is the case you should also see other pop-ups, banners and sponsored links in your browser. None of these should be trusted as they may also be untruthful. Adware programs do not endorse the pages they promote therefore the data that you see could be presented to you by cyber criminals. is just one of the fake messages that are flooding your browsers. claims that your computer has been infected by certain viruses and displays a number that you need to call in order to fix your PC. It tries to scare you by stating that your personal and financial data may be at risk. If you call the presented number, the so-called technician will run a fake scan on your system and you will be told that your computer has various bugs and viruses that need fixing. This, of course, will cost you. The truth is your computer is perfectly fine and the fake scan will always detect something that is not there. This scam is used by cyber criminals to scare users that are not computer savvy into paying the money. Do not call the number and waste your money, delete related application and return to browsing the Web without any interruptions.

How to remove

In order to uninstall you will first need to find out which program causes it to appear. If you already know which application is the problem you can delete it manually via Control Panel. If not, you can download a malware scanner that will detect the unwanted program for you. Afterwards, you can either terminate manually or implement the anti-malware tool that will eliminate automatically. Removal

Windows XP/ Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1. Access Control Panel via Start menu
2. Select Add or Remove Programs/Uninstall a Program
3. Choose the unwanted program
4. Click Remove/Uninstall

Windows 8

1. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner
2. Wait until a Charm bar appears
3. Click on Settings and go to Control Panel
4. Select Uninstall a program
5. Remove the adware.

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